Trying to figure out what brand/blank this key is. Was thrown on a system I did not design, and I don’t have all that much experience. Appears to be old, which is why I’m trying to replace it. Very worn out. Covered up bitting code : Locksmith

This is not Corbin. 59C2 is a Z class keyway and did not have a cloverleaf bow. Corbin X class had the cloverleaf bow, but they have milled grooves that are equilateral triangles and at least one square. Furthermore, all Corbin X class keys have the tip point in the centre of the blade, not lower like this one.

The closest I can imagine this is to be an antique Yale, but I really doubt it.

EDIT : Can you post a picture of the face of a cylinder. That might help us identify it.

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How would you describe this job to someone considering it with no experience? : Locksmith

I see lots of posts about people asking about how to break into this field, but I’m wondering just what are the main challenges and rewards of being a locksmith? Below I wrote a a bunch of questions that I would want to discuss if someone were asking my about my current job.

Is it relatively fast paced work, or can slower workers still thrive? Does it involve a large amount of multitasking, or is it more detail oriented work? What are some challenges that new people may encounter that may make them reconsider whether they are ready for this profession? Is there a lot of training, or is it more common for new people to self teach to an extent? Would you say it relies more on critical thinking or memorization? (knowing as many systems/products as possible). Would you say this job emphasizes social skills more than technical skills or vice versa?

If you have any input about questions along those lines, please let us know! Good day and stay healthy.

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Does anyone have any experience with the Norton 5800? : Locksmith

Hope everyone is having a good week so far.

We’ve been considering the Norton 5800 for projects where there isn’t enough clearance above the door for a regular automatic door operator but the price point has deterred us.

We also aren’t sure how high of traffic they can withstand.

Would love to hear any feedback anyone has about these operators.

Norton 5800

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Locksmiths. What do apprentices/low experience guys do that drives you nuts? : Locksmith

Use your tools without asking. Great way to get in some deep shit with an experienced technician with reliable hand tools they’ve been using for years.

I had to chew out a rookie a year or two ago for using my short little phillips head that I’ve had for years. It’s like he didn’t realize that not only is that thing someone else’s property, but it’s used in countless applications that make it better than having to find an equally versatile tool for the job. Little dumb mother fucker.

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