Deadbolt throw doesn’t extend all the way sometimes : Locksmith

I have a schlage 562p double cylinder that I’ve installed and the throw will extend all the way for a while and then it becomes inconsistent and I can push the deadbolt back in with my fingers. This has been the case for two deadbolts so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. It feels like the tailpiece works for a bit then starts binding up?

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Deadbolt Lock Won’t Extend. Metal in the way in door frame. : Locksmith

I purchased a new deadbolt and it’s not locking.

There is a metal piece in the way. Here is a photo.

How do I remove this metal piece so the lock can extend? It looks like it is behind the wood.

I have searched lock diagrams and cannot find any help as to why this metal piece is in/behind the door frame.

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