Opened this old safe for a family after a member had passed. Took the door panel off to check on the lock and set a combo. Found this. : Locksmith

One time I was opening up a mortise lock at our shop, and someone had already worked on it years and year earlier and it had the address etched in the inside of the lock body..customer was in the shop and he was telling the person behind him how he just moved to the area.

I poliety interjected and ask him if he just moved into, and I read the number..he was shocked and asked how I knew. I told him I recognize the lock!

Both customers were flabbergasted! I finish up the customer is so so happy impressed. I looked at him told him no charge, and welcome to the neighborhood and he walked off in complete awe. As soon as he left the other customer asked me how I did that. I told him, the address was etched inside. Both of us broke down laughing..I got two life long customers that day both think I’m incredible, and both bring up that story Everytime they come in

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Trying to keep a family member out of my room who keeps breaking in… : Locksmith

I’m trying to find a good doorknob with a lock and key I can buy locally for my bedroom that can’t be jimmied open with a butter knife. I’m not sure of what doorknob would be good for this and I can’t continuously buy knobs and test if it does the job or not. 🤦‍♀️ I don’t feel like my personal belongings are safe because of my mother going through her addiction. Would anyone please be able to offer me some suggestions?

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