Special tool for Anderson Hickey file cabinet lock?

Special tool for Anderson Hickey file cabinet lock?

I've got a broken filing cabinet lock I need to remove, but it looks like there is a special tool required (see the "bolt" highlighted in the photo). Any idea what tool is required?


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Recently got a dodge truck the only problem is that it has no key. Pulled the doors lock cylinder but the only problem is that I don’t really have a locksmith around me. I had someone tell me to buy a few blanks and file them till I get a good match. Any tips on how to do this? : Locksmith

If you’ve never done it in your life, you’re better off just buying replacements with keys. As for instructions on how to file a key, I’m personally not too keen on revealing that information to non-locksmiths. I’ll let someone else handle that should they choose to.

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File Cabinet Bullshit : Locksmith

I got a filing cabinet with a 159T code that is either an IN8 or Y11. My code express is not working, it would be much appreciated if someone had the cuts for this son of a bitch as I cant eject the core and after removing the entire cam, it isn’t the type you can unscrew or replace. I guess worst comes to worst, I can get a fucking long cam, grind the cam piece town and drill a fucking screw in there so that it can actuate the boltwork in the cabinet.

I already tried 42424 so that was no dice.

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How Can I Buy A File Cabinet Lock That Can Lock Two Drawers? : Locksmith

I have a file cabinet with 4 drawers. There is a lock on the second drawer that lock the first and second drawer. This lock uses a Wind Danbury key.

Now I want to install a second lock on the forth drawer, and lock both the third and fourth drawer in the same way. It is better to use the same lock and the same Wind Danbury coded key.

Anyone know the official name for this category of file cabinet lock that can lock two drawers? How can I order one such lock?

Here is the picture of the lock. The two “cams” lock the drawer and the drawer above it.

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