Possible to get a oil rub profile cylinder in kw1 with a thumbturn on it. Its for a hoppe lock system. i feel im going crazy looking for it. i wanna say they currently have the 90 degree one because they have a retaing pin where the thumb turn is. CES is the manufactue but again i cand find kw1


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Help identify this key way. having issues finding this key way. i need to make another copy of this key but can’t find blanks. not sure how to post more pictures. can dm for more pics. : Locksmith

My thoughts, too. What do you wanna bet it’s a restricted DND key. My entire career was filled with people wanting restricted keys, one of them was my Director at the county I worked for, & he had a key to his homeowner association’s pool, of course he wanted me to make it on the sly… I told him no & my manager went berserk. “You can’t tell him no!” Wanna bet? Of course, I was retiring in 3 weeks, so I didn’t care.

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Does anyone know where I can find a Auxiliary Remote Battery Pack? : Locksmith

My sentrysafe has run out of battery and I’ve lost the back up key and auxiliary Remote Battery Pack.

In the manual it says you can plug this battery pack in to temporarily get power to the safe to open it. From there I can change the batteries internally.

I’m in the process of speaking to sentry safe but they are based in the US and I’m in the UK so was hoping there is a different word for this device and can be ordered easily in the UK.

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Can anybody help me identify this key? The closest match I could find was a car key from a 2000 Honda Civic, but I don’t think it’s exactly right. : Locksmith

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I don’t think that’s for a ‘00 civic, the base where it’s blank is a lot shorter than what my key was.

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Cam anyone help me find 2 more of these locks and the skeleton key? : Locksmith

Hi so I’m in the process of restoring this antique victorian dresser, i was able to easily remove this skeleton key lock, the other two are missing from the mortoises, along with 2 escutcheons, i’m figuring since i have this one lock, I can have a skeleton key fit to match by going to a local locksmith answering that question, but would they have any idea on where to buy this lock? Any info on what this type of lock is called? Anywhere online I can find this particular lock for sale. measurements of the mortoises available if nothing else.

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