Inherited (empty) glass curio cabinet, key hidden by relatives, bought skeleton keys on Amazon, found one that “fit” (unsure of forced) and was able to turn, but now cannot get it to turn and come out. : Locksmith

Oh, I know. It’s not my piece. Keys from Amazon were already here when I arrived. And because of the construction of this one, recovering from a back injury, and knowing how we would have to transport it, it just makes me nervous it will break in my hands.

Was pretty upset she had jammed a key in a lock I had already suggested was probably broken.

I’ll have her make an appointment to a locksmith. Thanks.

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Not sure if this is allowed, but I’m replacing the entire ignition in my car and would like to know if it’s possible to reprogram it to fit my new existing key : Locksmith

The ignition is like any other car part. You can probably find the right service manuals and tools to do it, but I remember the first time I replaced head gaskets it was a bloodbath.

Your best bet is to just find a local locksmith that does auto work and take it in to their shop.

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After a padlock to fit a type of key. : Locksmith

Hi guys, my partner has an idea for secret santa but hasn’t thought it through. She has bought 100 of these keys. Unfortunately we now need to find a padlock that will suit it.

These are standard sort of doorkey in UK. Not sure if they’re different elsewhere. Im hoping someone can suggest a padlock to fit.

They have 1A printed on them if that means anything.

Also sorry if I’m breaking any rules

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Would anyone know what type of mortice key would fit this lock? 1930s house

3 lever mortice lock, looks like an ERA keyway. If you can take it out, take it to a proper locksmith shop and they’ll make you a key. Then you can try the key in all the others, but I would guess they’re keyed to differ.

You aren’t going to be able to just order one online though. If you want keys you need a locksmith, but if I am correct on the lock ID, replacing them is probably cheaper than getting keys made. The locksmith will give you your options.

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Looking for an NFC-compliant deadbolt to fit this door. Had intended to buy a Samsung Ezon 3321 but the local locksmith says it won’t fit. Any suggestions of what else I could try? : Locksmith

Not a fan of smart locks, but it looks like a regular cut out template for a deadbolt more or less. If your door is 1 3/4 inches you’ll be fine, hell you can throw it on 1 1/4 inch thick door if you want. Make a hole in door, chisel door for bolt, make hole in frame, chisel frame for strike, probably some fasteners here and there. 30-45 minute job.

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