Long shot but is there anyway I can fix this myself? No part of the key is protruding. If not possible thanks anyway👍🏼 : Locksmith

You know what needs to happen – either you can wiggle it out or you can’t. Locksmiths have purpose made tools and experience that make it easy.

So you can pay for a locksmith and get it done quickly and cleanly or you can have a go yourself and you might get it out. Worst case scenario, you make a mess of it and still have to pay a locksmith’s fee plus £5-10 for a handle if you wrecked yours.

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Deadbolt/nightlatch/springbolt lock not locking when my door is shut. The handle is extremely loose. Any ideas on how to fix this would be appreciated! : Locksmith

I should add that I don’t know which type of lock it is, a deadbolt/springbolt/or nightlatch or what the difference is between those. The lock can be opened from the inside by pulling down on the handle. It locks when the door is shut. To unlock from outside you have to insert the key (tooth-side facing up) and then turn to the right about 20-45° the lock then pops open. It’s difficult to see in the picture but this is a Yale lock

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Not a locksmith. Have an old treadlock safe with a group 2 lock. Unbranded with a bulldog face on the dial. Over the last few months it’s been having trouble opening and getting progressively worse. Seems the arm is hanging up and not dropping down into the wheel after the combo. Fix or replace? : Locksmith

Yeah, I lubed it up hoping it would help but no change. The more I play with it, the more it seems my second combination stop has drifted. The wheels aren’t exactly lined up and if I put a pin into the through hole it seems to drop as I wiggle it through the center wheel. Please excuse my terminology. I’m not a locksmith but am a mechanic. I have a pretty good idea of how it’s working just not familiar with the details.

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Help with door lock?? Does anyone know how I can fix this jammed lock? : Locksmith

It’s not going to lock unless the lever is perfectly horizontal. So A) quit trying to lock it while the handle’s turned and B) try to slightly lift the lever in case age has made the lever start to droop.

Beyond that, there may be a small retainer hole on the side of the handle, and poking it with a safety pin or similar would allow the handle to pull off. Spray some silicone based lubricant into the lock, as well as into the latch, and see if that helps.

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