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We are building a new house that has some pocket doors that we want to be able to unlock with a keycode rather than a key. The problem is all of the ones I’ve found require the door to not fully hide inside the pocket. For example, https://www.cavitysliders.com/Products/CaviLock/CL100-DigiLock requires the door protrudes 4″ from the wall when open.

Are there any digital pocket door locks that can be flush with a 1-3/4″ thick pocket door, allowing it to fully open? This door is in a hallway, and when open, we want the hallway to look like a normal hallway with no door frame on either side.

One thing that has been suggested as a possibility but I also haven’t been able an appropriate lock is for a keypad to be on the wall, and have the lock mechanism come out from the wall rather than from the door. Or similarly but with a magnetic locking system.

We don’t need the lock to be “high security”… Mostly just want to prevent the cats from being able to open it themselves, while keeping it easy for us to go in and out, while not letting people who don’t know better free the cats…

Anyone know of locks that may fill this need?

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