Schlage key fob only deadbolt : Locksmith

I noticed a new construction apartment building installing these keyless key fob entry schlage (pieces of shh..) .. So I figure, as much as it sucks this is the future of locksmithing or an increasingly large part of house lock out entries.. Either way..

Say you get called to a lockout because the batteries died or customer lost the fob.. What would you do to gain entry? Drill? Where? Air wedge the door? Just wondering.. It appears to be the future and it sucks. Did I mention that already?!c1046410072!a51633137712!dm!ng&gclid=CjwKCAiAz4b_BRBbEiwA5XlVVsV-MZJtJ5WsYiaFLQqQTWmdMLmaXXd6IIwDE0NJ3wR_SXacpxxr6RoCyXUQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

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We just moved into our office and want keyless entry with fob or key card (not a keypad). Does anybody make a key card reader that you can just replace this current deadbolt with without screwing new holes (property manager wants to be able to revert easily). What do I buy? : Locksmith

The short answer is no.

You really need a competent locksmith to come talk with you about your options. Search online for locksmiths who advertise commercial work. Most importantly, read the reviews from other customers. Also, if he comes out and you don’t like him, maybe he’s rude, or feel that he doesn’t know what he’s doing, call someone else. A novice or incompetent locksmith can really screw this up. If you can locate a city or regional locksmith association and get recommendations from them, you’ll be way ahead. An example would be the Greater Houston Locksmith Assoc.

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2012 NV2500 HD fob programming problem : Locksmith

I have searched every way I know to and have not seen anything like this problem or a solution to it.  If I am doing something wrong I don’t know what it is.  I have a total of 4 fobs.  2 old and 2 new.  Per the instructions, I enter the van, shut the door, press the lock button, insert key in switch at least 6 times until the emergency flashers blink twice, turn the key to ACC position, press the lock button on the remote.  To program each additional remote I press the unlock then the lock button on the door then the lock button on the remote, lights flash two times.  When completed turn key off, unlock door, exit vehicle…. when I press the lock button the horn blows off and on until I get in the van, start engine, and turn off the engine then remove the key.  What is going on?  Why is the van responding this way to the procedure?  Two of the remotes worked before the batteries died in them.

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Programmed Hyundai Key Fob Now Old Key Doesn’t Work Is That Normal? : Locksmith

I have a 2013 Hyunda Elantra. One of the original key fobs has a broken battery terminal and only works if I’m lucky. I bought an aftermarket key fob and took it and my broken key fob to the dealership. They programmed the new key, and my old key still works. When my wife tried to use her original key though, it no longer works. I would have thought they were just adding a key, not reprogramming the whole car. My question is if this is normal that you would have to program all the keys at the same time?

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Apartment Fob Not Reading : Locksmith

Not sure if this question belongs here, but I’ll take a shot.

My apartment fob controls the parking gate, elevator entry to the floor, entry doors. Recently put in a new battery and I can click it to activate the parking gate.

Today, I swipe the fob in front of the reader to enter the building, I swipe it in front of the reader to get access to my floor. Works just fine.

Half hour later, I head back down toy car. Fob not working. The fob reader in the elevator doesn’t detect it. Eventually, kind neighbor swipes me to my car. I hope that the fob works now…it doesn’t. Tried to swipe it half dozen more times… eventually the reader detects the fob and it works. Unbeknownst to me why. I tried both elevators in my building and the door, and they all failed initially. So I know the problem was my fob, not the readers.

Dear community, any ideas what my fob’s problem was and how do I make sure this doesn’t happen again?

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