Why are key fobs standard for cars but not doors? : Locksmith

With a car’s remote key fob, you can easily lock/unlock your car from a distance, and this is standard technology.

I know there are app-based smart locks and other NFC-type “touchless” locks for homes/businesses, but why isn’t there simple remote locking technology that’s //standard// for doors, like the front door to one’s home?

Not sure if this is the best sub to post this question, so please let me know if there is somewhere else I should go. Thanks!

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Question about key fobs and water damage : Locksmith

Not sure if this is the right place to post, sorry if it’s not.

My husband received a new key fob for his car for his birthday. Unfortunately, he forgot it was in his pocket before doing laundry so it ended up going through the wash. The key fob was not programmed nor did it have a battery in it yet. The problem is we don’t know if it will still work now. Will water completely damage a key fob, or is there a chance it might still work fine? How do we find out if it still works?

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Programming Newer Fobs to Older Models : Locksmith

I work at a dealership, and a customer mentioned how much he loved the new fobs and wished he had one for his older truck.

Would it be possible to program a 2014-2018 Sierra/Silverado fob to a 2007-2013 Sierra/Silverado? Same functions (Remote Start, (un)lock, alarm).

If this is possible, is this exclusive to this situation? Is this something that can be done with any other Makes/Models?

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