Looking for an exterior lockset with the push and turn function so it stays locked after using the key. : Locksmith

I’m looking for an exterior lockset like the one on my old office where you could push the button in and turn it so that when you use the key it would stay locked. Home Depot only seems to have locks that unlock with the key and stay unlocked. Any suggestions on a brand or model?

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need a reasonable choice, Price vs Function. : Locksmith

The Lock Picking Lawyer is fun to watch but my initial interest is finding SOMETHING that I can afford and is reasonably pick-proof without breaking the bank. My searches of Home Depot and Lowes is uninspiring, don’t/can’t go up-market. Just want something that will slow down or frustrate a potential break and entry. Amazon is not helping with their $16.00 deadbolts and tendency to “push” sponsored products, same with Ebay. Sometimes I think I’m being fed to lions.

SO. Please give me your best recommendation, just need 4 deadbolts that are really good and not a billion dollars, hopefully keyed alike, but also re-keyable.

Thanks in advance.

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How to retrofit a door lock with the emergency function? : Locksmith

Have a look at the way this Nuki junk is fitted. They literally fit over an existing key that you leave on the outside of the home. If a key is left in the back of a normal euro cylinder it won’t work as you know. Difference with a ‘smart’ lock is that you perhaps won’t notice that it hasn’t locked.

The ’emergency function’ is on some cylinders that can be opened with a key on the inside to prevent accidental lockout if it operates a latch or to allow someone to open the door without waking up the muppet that left the key in the back before going to bed.

It’s a stupid suggestion for a stupid product made by clueless fuckwits that haven’t got the first idea about locks.

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