Changing the lock on garage door without the key (it’s unlocked). : Locksmith

r/Locksmith - Changing the lock on garage door without the key (it's unlocked).

I have a Hormann up-and-over garage door which is unlocked but I do not have the key so I am trying to change the lock.

I’ve watched videos on Youtube and it looks easy, you just unscrew the screw on the right and then the lock slides out. Except it doesn’t. I remove the screw but when I try to remove the lock there is something inside stopping it from coming out.

I’ve opened up the grey box which it’s in but couldn’t see anything immediately obvious holding it in place.

Any ideas on how I can get it out?

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[NEED ADVICE] So this afternoon I wanted to open my garage door and the key that normally opens this door doesn’t unlock the lock anymore. I have a couple keys and they all don’t work anymore, is there something I can do so it opens again or do I need to call a locksmith. Thanks in advance. : Locksmith

Honestly though, places for locksmiths and people that want to discuss unique locks are few and far inbetween. The more traffic this sub gets, the more people find it, and the more discussions we can have as a community. Some posts may get redundant but in the long run I think they’re helping as long as it’s not someone just saying “ay how do I get into this kwikset lock” I think it’s okay.

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Can anyone identify this type of lock cylinder? Was on a garage door of house I bought, don’t have a key so id like to replace the cylinder. : Locksmith

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Would be a good idea, but I kinda wrecked it a little. It was held in with one way pins and I drilled them out and drilled a little too far into the one holding this in place. If you look closely at this pic you can see where I went to far.

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I need help please. Is it possible to change this entire mechanism out on this garage door? I believe someone stole my key today because I left it on the lock by accident like an idiot. : Locksmith

It is a wafer lock, we typically call the device a T-handle. Sometimes you might have a retaining wafer, usually this stuff is just sealed at the factory and a replacement is more economical.

The T-handle could be held in place by screws from inside the door, or rivets.

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Garage Bypass Tool : Locksmith

So yesterday I made a Double Door Tool (DDT) inspired from the one seen on Sparrows. Was free using material I had on hand from other projects. Today, I’m looking at their bypass tool. I really like Sparrows design as it’s very pretty looking and bends down to a store-able size but I want something smaller. So doing research I looked at how it works in the real world and Bosnianbill saves the day. His video of the DDT actually helped a lot with making mine. I saw how the garage bypass tool bends through his video and I thought it reminded me a lot of fish tape used to fish wiring through walls. Now our lovely Home Depot has this compact fishing tape spool which I’ll most likely be grabbing. It’s very nice and small, not much bigger than a tape measurer. I’m going to take a blow torch and heat up a piece of the steel tape and then just bend it on it’s self at a angle and then once more in order to make a hook shape similar to the one seen with sparrows. With that, you have a bypass tool for garages.

I thought I’d share this idea with the people here as I know money is tight sometimes and you can’t always afford nice things. Having the skill to make the tool yourself I think is very important. Not something that should be frowned upon. And before anyone bitches, I plan on supporting Sparrows by buying the things I can’t make which is pretty much anything smaller than these tools.

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