Help with a gate lock.

Only sub I could think of if this isn't allowed please advise.

Anyway wife and I got a new house. Only problem is we don't know the code for the front door or how to recode it. Is there a way to recode the lock pictured below. If not do you know where we can get a similarly set up lock (keypad both sides)? Don't want one you could reach through and unlock.

The box stores and google have been dead ends.

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Options for a gate lock? : Locksmith

Hey everyone – I’m moving into a place that has a gate that uses a buzzer to open. The lock looks like a standard deadbolt that uses a key for both sides, and has a spring loaded latch that is always extended when you’re not turning the key. I’d like to be able to leave the gate unlocked sometimes – do I have any options? I see some of my neighbors force the latch to be pulled in using foamand zip ties, but I’m wondering if there is a more elegant solution.

Thank you!

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Strong outdoor gate lock : Locksmith

I’m looking for a good option to lock a metal gate. This is in a developing country where theft and burglary are very common, so properties are surrounded by tall walls or fences with vertical metal bars. The lock on the entry gate is probably the weakest link, and locally-sold options are pretty low quality locks, so I’m planning to get something shipped from the US to install.

I’d imagine a deadbolt in a box welded to the gate would be the best option? The real risk is probably a physical attack, so I’d like something that isn’t going to come apart with minimal effort if someone takes a hammer or pry bar to it. It’s also outside, so it needs to be fine in heavy rain. It would be great to be somewhat pick resistant and not able to easily rake, but the physical qualities are the most important.

I’ve seen recommendations for the Schlage B560 or B660 (maybe changing the bitting or adding security pins for a bit of extra security), which seem great for traditional use cases, but I’m not sure if those would handle being outside and how their physical resistance is. Any recommendations on good options to look into?

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Need help with a lock recommendation for a weird gate (pictures in description) : Locksmith

Hey, r/locksmith

Pictures of the gate:

I would really like to buy a solid lock that can be opened/locked from both sides of this gate that I linked. I don’t even know what a lock like this is called or what some good brands are.

Edit: ignore the lock that’s currently on. It doesn’t work and is going to be removed

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