General questions about hiring a locksmith : Locksmith

Hi all — I know, I know, call a locksmith, that’s the plan — I’m moving to a condo soon and Reddit is always saying to “change the locks” and “change the strike plate” etc., so I wanted to make sure I knew what I was doing before cold calling locksmiths and wasting their time.

Foremost — should I buy my own lock or setup (was considering also having a pin-code entry system) before calling the locksmith, or do I have to trust in what they have available?

Will they do the whole “change the strike plate to make it harder for a door to be kicked in” thing, or is that a separate type of contractor?

What is the preferred timing for this sort of appointment? Is this more of a same-day thing or “schedule for a week out”?

Thanks for any insight you have to offer. As they say on the casting couch, “I don’t usually do this sort of thing,” so I just wan to make sure I am not setting myself to be fleeced or confusing anyone.

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General wear and tear or break in attempt? : Locksmith

I have to say attempted break in, had it been wear and tear it would be a more polished look, and usually one large area. The divot in the wood on the side of the door is also suspect. Unless screws have backed out recently, and caused the gouges, then an attempted break in, also pictures of the door jam, and exterior of the door would also be valuable in getting a better understanding of what exactly is going on.

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Best general use drill bits. : Locksmith

Wikipedia has a great article on drill bits I’m using Cdn Tire titanium coated hss, and cobalt bits for stainless steel and other hard metals (go slow and lube the bit). Also started using the titanium coated bits from Princess Auto with hex shank, for use in impact driver (shorter body for tight spaces). Most of the bits are on sale. Then there’s the specialized bits for going through 14″ of concrete, drilling holes for ice fishing…. and I’ve wandered off of general purpose

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Why the general lack of… “representation/resources” about locksmithing? : Locksmith

This may be an entirely ignorant observation, I don’t know but years ago, I was a locksmith apprentice for an incredibly short period of time but damn, I loved it so much. So now it’s kind of a hobby to read about different types of locks, locksmith stuff, etc. Tinker around with old door hardware, whatever.

ANYWAYS, I searched relentlessly this morning for a locksmithing movie/documentary of some sort and I’m just curious, why is there virtually nothing about locksmithing in any sort of “mainstream” light? Any recommendations?

Back when I was trying to get the locksmithing job, I also remember it being incredibly difficult to find any information about this trade to help me prepare for the interview…It just bums me out, personally so…

****TL;DR : Does anyone know of or have any recommendations for a movie/documentary about locksmithing or shit, even like… a main character who is a locksmith?

P.s. Sorry this post is rambling and kind of all over the place. Tired and cooped up.

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