Can anyone recommend a good replace for this lock that wouldn’t require cutting into the door or frame? : Locksmith

Hello Locksmiths of Reddit. After my front door deadbolt broke yesterday, leaving me with no way to get in my house, I realized I should probably look at fixing the back door so I can actually use it as an entrance when needed. I’m looking for either a replacement option that’s similar so that I don’t have to cut into the door frame, or maybe getting a key made that would fit, if that’s possible. This is smaller than your average key. I appreciate any help or advice that could be provided.

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Few of these guys still knocking around in my town. Needed keys made, and good cleaning/lubricating : Locksmith

Im in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. In the United States. Its a Schlage D series entry knob, with an 18″ backset. They were popular in the late 50’s through 60’s.. 5″ backset is very common still in my area. 18″ was more rare, but most of the doors have been replaced by now. I know of maybe 5 or 6 others in my area. That we still work on from time to time.

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Where to buy the “good” Schlage handle/deadbolts? : Locksmith

I went to a local locksmith to ask about rekeying a house, and just want to compare the prices on what they are selling.

They bragged that the stuff they had is much better quality than what would be found at Hone Depot or the likes.

Where can someone find these products? I’m typically a DIYer, and feel replacing a knob is within my scope. What is not, is figuring out the mortise I will be posting later for you all, so I’ll still be using them most likely for that.

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Well this doesn’t look good… Moments : Locksmith

So what situations have you gotten into were you know it didn’t look good but you went ahead with it anyway?

Last night, I had to do laundry everything was gross. Immediately after it goes in the wash, I get an on-call lockout. (It was a mythically quiet day.) So I throw on the most professional old work pants, black solid t-shirt and the monogrammed work hat and off I went. Client didn’t bat an eye.

Other entries were a malfunction on a rim lock, were I had gotten the cylinder off the door and tried everything to walk the bolt back but was getting no movement, eventually I just pounded the lock off the door from the outside, filled the screw holes and converted to a deadbolt. 9pm in a condo making so much noise, ahh the days after apprenticeship.

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looking for good residential grade door closer with hold open arm : Locksmith

We have garage entry door that I want to top jamb mount a door closer to prevent loud heavy slams and prop open at 90degrees when loading groceries etc. Budget $150-250.

I’m weary of all the generic chinese junk on Amazon, so I’m looking for an actual part number reference from the pros. LCN looks like the gold standard but I think is overkill for my residential need. Stanley D1610? General lock? Any pointers on part numbers?

Also would appreciate a little help in how to buy them – the good stuff doesn’t seem easily accessible on amazon..? Maybe i’m wrong. I’ve seen sites like Anixter mentioned but seems involved like i need a quote/PO/make a phone call to purchase.


I ended up getting the Stanley D-1610PH 689 for $140 shipped since the top jamb would probably ram into my garage door rail.

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Where’s a good place to get blanks to practice with? : Locksmith

Note: I am not a locksmith and don’t even pretend to be one, but I’m fascinated by the mechanical aspects of lock mechanisms. I’ve learned how to pick some simple locks reliably, and now I want to learn how to make keys.

Many moons ago I had a friend who was a retired locksmith, he made a spare key for my car for me by eyeballing my old key and using a hand clipper to make the new key, that blew my mind pretty thoroughly. I’ve looked for one of those key clippers, but they’re rare and expensive, or at least more than I can afford, so I got a Lishi clipper to play with. The main elements of making a good key seem to be making sure that the distance from the shoulder to each notch is accurate, and the depth of each notch is appropriate for the pin at that location. The Lishi has markings for depth but not location, so I want to practice using it to make keys to see if I can develop that as a usable skill.

That brings me to my question here, namely, where’s a good place to get blanks in bulk to practice with? I see that I can get 50 Kwikset blanks for less than $20 shipped off of the ‘bay, is that about as good as it gets? Would it make sense to approach my local locksmiths to get cheap blanks? Ideally they’d be Kwikset just so that I can test my practice keys in an actual lock, and I have plenty of Kwikset lock cylinders laying around to use for that purpose.

I have made a key before, for my motorcycle. I picked the helmet lock and disassembled it, measured the wafers and wafer spacing, then hand-filed a key that worked moderately well. It took me all day to file that key, and it was complicated by the fact that Kawasaki uses both tip and shoulder stopping because the gas lid only uses the end 5 notches on the key.

I’d appreciate any advice!

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