Guy who knows nothing about electricity looking for guidance on purchasing a power inverter. : Locksmith

I run a small operation out of a utility bed pickup. I don’t even have a key machine at this point, but I hope to have a fairly modest/simple setup in the near future. There’s a lot of driving, so I suspect things would stay charged okay. Not sure what I need with regards to continuous/peak watts, as I know electricity like a fish knows a telescope. I also don’t know what I need as far as batteries go. Any information or resources would be greatly appreciated.

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Am I the last locksmith on the planet that still creates my own master key systems by hand? Whats a decent program a guy can get that does some but not alot of master keying. : Locksmith

The problem with the software is it can’t do really weird and unique shit where you need to do cross keying which when you need to do it, can be complicated as fuck. The natural progression of masters, sub masters, change keys/slaves, is pretty easy, especially if you have a grand master that are low cuts because you can go deeper for the subs. As opposed to where as grand master with say a midcut can get dicey when the system gets huge and complicated and you have the issue of possible ghost keys.

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