I’m 18 and I wanna be a locksmith, what do you guys have to say to me?

I'm a brazilian teenager and I think i'm on a mental breakdown because every single friend of mine is getting a job or getting a degree and I'm here playing games and picking locks (sometimes stealing locks or just letting it open, I know it's wrong but I love opening them) and I thought "why not making this a job?"
maybe i'm killing one hobby? idk, i really need to talk about this…

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Few of these guys still knocking around in my town. Needed keys made, and good cleaning/lubricating : Locksmith

Im in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. In the United States. Its a Schlage D series entry knob, with an 18″ backset. They were popular in the late 50’s through 60’s.. 5″ backset is very common still in my area. 18″ was more rare, but most of the doors have been replaced by now. I know of maybe 5 or 6 others in my area. That we still work on from time to time.

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Why so stuck in ways? how old are you guys? : Locksmith

So I am curious. In my thread about keys disappearing I got some naysayers and such. I am curious why you guys are stuck in your ways and how old you are? Care to tell me some horror stories about customers who trusted smart locks and such?

I am 32. Just to give you an idea of how I think and feel about tech here is an example. Let say I needed a lock re-keyed and there were 2 lock shops. 1 took google pay and the other did not. The shop that took google pay would get my business. Because I normally do not carry a wallet and primarily use google pay. I feel similarly about keys.


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