Changing the handle on this door… wtf is this! Help? : Locksmith

Let me try and post pic of other side. There’s no hole for me to remove handle or the protective plate (handle blocks it).


Added album. Should link.

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Door handle type commercial electric strike : Locksmith


I’m have three interior doors as FOB entry control points. Egress is FOB-less, so not locked.

The handles currently in place can be cycled to open the door simply by using the handle, bypassing the electric strike. They have a thumb switch on the inside of the door to engage the lock, as they are battery powered coded Schlages used to control the door prior to the fob system being installed. Employees have just started disengaging the latch by turning the thumb switch to disengage the system.

I’d like to replace the hardware with something appropriate.

I saw storeroom handles such as this – is this what I need or should I be looking for something else?

Thanks in advance!

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Larson Screen Door handle mechanism broke in door. Door will not open. : Locksmith

The mechanism that appears to move the latch on my backyard screen door appears to be broken. Whenever I move the door handle it moves about 1/3 of it’s full extension. I took the door handle apart thinking I’d be able to jimmy it open, but it wont budge. There are no interior hinges that I can remove. They’re actually on the outside, but they’re behind a metal panel that’s inaccessible.

I’m really not sure how I can get this open without breaking the door down. does anyone know how I can get this open? Here’s some photos:

I think this is the door handle:

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Can’t remove door handle : Locksmith

Hey guys, I’m trying to remove my door lock because it broke off the other day but, while trying to remove it, I got stuck trying to remove the door handles…

I already removed that handle cover and removed all screws from both sides but i’m still unable to pull the handle off the door. There is no more visible screws nor holes besides those indentations (x2 per handle) in which I already stuck a flat head screwdriver in but with no success.

Here are some images:

Can someone help me?


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Electronic handle set clicking – What’s wrong? : Locksmith

Electrified mortise lock.

Presenting a credential to the reader powers the lock. Clicking should allow the handle to turn and retract the latch. With everything apart, I have no idea if the handle will turn when the lock is energized.

Put the lock back together and test it, or give us a description of the problem.

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Communicating deadbolt / door handle with Bluetooth capability and keypad? : Locksmith

I’m looking for advice, since I can’t seem to find a good site that lets me sort locks by these features, and was hoping your expertise might point me in the right direction:

I’m looking for a lock that we can use to replace these deadbolts and door handles in our building. The fire code apparently requires them to be ‘communicating’, so that you could exit just by pushing the door handle, and would not need to separately open the deadbolt. I also need the lock to have a keypad, and preferably Bluetooth capability, so that it’s more in line with current expectations of the residents.

Are there any lock/handle sets out there that:

  • Communicate

  • Have a keypad

  • Have Bluetooth

  • Still have a deadbolt (some of the bluetooth ones I looked at would fit, and would cover the hole, but there would no longer be a deadbolt)

  • Would require minimal modification to the existing lock (so leave no open holes and require no or minimal new drilling)

Thank you in advance for your advice!

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