6 Important Tips to Boost Your Home Security

A monitored home security system is the most comprehensive way to ensure that your home is fully protected from a home invasion. That being said, there are several common-sense home security steps you can take to help make your home less tempting to potential thieves, whether or not you have a home security system in place. Here is a list of 6 easy home security tips you should follow right now, without special equipment or training, to avoid a home invasion.

Ensure trees and fences don’t block the view

The first step in a calculated effort to enter your home begins with surveillance. Scammers learn your habits and watch the house, looking for weaknesses and places around your house to break in without being seen by you or your neighbors.

Be vigilant to keep trees and shrubs near your home pruned so that there are fewer places to hide when trying to invade your property.

No invader wants to be discovered by circling your home or taking the time to force or break a lock. If all of your windows and doors are free of hidden stains, they will often decide that the risk of getting caught is too great to even attempt.

Hide your keys in less obvious places

Admit it. You ‘hid’ a key for a friend or relative to give them access to your home to feed the cat while you are away or in case you lose your own key. Even if you haven’t done it yourself, you know someone who has. If we all know this little ‘secret’, don’t you think even a stupid thief would know about this trend as well? Do not do that!

An intruder would much rather have quiet and easy access, perhaps not even arousing suspicion from neighbors if they are seen, rather than having to smash a window or force a door.

The first place any scammer worth their salt will check will be under your doormat, nearby rocks, around heating or cooling units, tucked away in bushes, or letterboxes.

Invest in better lighting and stronger locks

Few things portrayed in movies and on television are as easy to do in real life as they appear on screen. Unfortunately, kicking a door with a properly placed foot is really as easy to do as it is in the movies if you know what you’re doing.

When you lock your door with a traditional lock, there is only a half-inch or more of metal inserted into the frame of your door through the lock, leaving room for brute force entry. Installing and using a deadbolt in every front door makes this seemingly superhuman feat nearly impossible.

A deadbolt typically adheres to your door frame about 2-3 inches or more, which means that even if enough force is applied to the latch area and the door flexes, you are still protected from intruders. Keep in mind that a deadbolt only works if you actually use it and be sure to lock it whenever you leave the house.

Establish your safety routine

Often times, burglaries are crimes of opportunity rather than pre-planned efforts. Criminals will prowl around a neighborhood and simply test every door and window they come across, hoping to find easy prey. Don’t give these opportunists easy access to your loved ones or your possessions.

Before you leave your house each day, take a few seconds to make sure all of your windows and doors are locked and locked. If that helps, establish a routine to remind yourself of each day. As you walk out of each room toward the front door, get in the habit of making sure the windows are fully closed and locked.

Have you finished your morning shower? Check the window. Have you finished making your morning coffee? Test this window over the sink while you rinse out the coffeemaker.

Pay attention to your waste bins

Electronic shopping is super exciting and we know all you think about right now is unboxing it, setting it up, and getting it running, ready to watch, play, or listen. While you revel in the excitement of your new toy, you randomly toss the boxes next to your trash can. While these boxes are designed to advertise the cool gadgets that were in that package to customers, what they do now is advertise the cool new gadgets that are inside your house to thieves.

Burglars roam the residential streets and use these packages as enticing reasons to line your home and search for weaknesses so that your new toys can now be theirs. Instead of leaving what amounts to a flashing neon sign on your sidewalk, completely break down the boxes and fold them in your trash cans or trash cans. If they don’t fit, put them away in your house or garage until trash day, only putting them down at the last minute.

Again, fix your lighting and install more bulbs

We have already talked about how house invaders do not want to be seen and will be attracted to houses with hiding places around them. During the day, these are often behind bushes and overgrown trees. At night, it’s any dark corner.

Outdoor lighting isn’t just about walking up and down the aisle safely or lighting up the patio for the holidays. A well-lit perimeter is less of an incentive for thieves to target your home as there is no room for them to be unseen. Everything from a traditional outdoor light on with a switch near the door to lighting triggered by motion. Be sure to replace any burnt-out bulbs as soon as they are noticed to keep your perimeter lit.

With these tips, you can take your home security to a new level. You make your home way tougher to break into, if not impossible. If you want to do more regarding your residential and commercial locksmith needs, reach out to us via the means on our contact page.

We’ll love to hear from you and help you get answers to your questions. When you need a locksmith in Phoenix, Arizona, we are your best bet for professional locksmith services that’s on time, reliable, and trustworthy.

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New home has some Medeco deadbolts. How much of a pain is this going to be? : Locksmith

As the title says, my new house already has Medeco locks on secondary doors. Worth keeping? We want a sigle key for all locks, but from what I’ve read, Medeco can be a bit overkill for resendential, and rekeying/key replacement can be a real pain. I’m considering just replacing them with something easier to deal with.

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New home, locksmith says get Mul T lock cylinder : Locksmith

I saw a few posts on Schlage connect and secure locks. I have this lock but other posts don’t suggest a specific cylinder. About 15 years ago I was taught how to build cylinders and cut keys (i worked in access control) so I can probably do it myself though I haven’t used the skill in a while.

Initially just thought of paying a locksmith (might still do) as I can save time for other things. The locksmith said I should replace cylinders with MulTLock. My guess is they are making money on them. I do like the idea of a higher security cylinder. Any good recommendations? I need 3 deadbolts keyed the same.

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8 Tips to Protect your Home from Thieves

Are you going on vacation soon? Before leaving your home, it is important to ensure that it will be protected against the accidental visit of a thief. To leave with peace of mind, find out 8 tips to keep burglars away from your property.

1. Install a surveillance camera

Surveillance cameras were once the size of a letterbox and were primarily used by businesses or wealthy homeowners. Fortunately, times have changed. Advances in technology have made it possible to reduce the size and cost of surveillance cameras, making them now accessible and affordable for home video surveillance.

Today smartphones have replaced pagers, they can fit in a pocket and just about everyone has one. The same goes for surveillance cameras. Advances in technology have made it possible to reduce the size and cost of surveillance cameras, making them more affordable now.

A surveillance camera allows you to monitor one or more places in your home. Install an IP camera at the front of your house and you can monitor the comings and goings from a distance! Some thieves who don’t want to take risks will even turn back when they see your cameras.

2. Equip yourself with an alarm system

If you are equipped with a complete alarm system connected to a monitoring station, you make sure you are well protected. In the event of an intrusion into your home, an alarm will be triggered and the signal will be sent to the center, which can quickly notify the police.

3. Notify thieves

Have you installed an alarm system and a surveillance camera? Indicate their presence to criminals. By installing stickers, you will be able to deter thieves who would not dare to take the risk of entering a protected house.

4. Hide valuables

Keep your valuables out of sight. If thieves are able to spot the contents of your home just by thinking ahead, you allow them to spot their loot. So keep these goods away from windows. To hide smaller items, get a safe, and store your valuables there.

5. Pay attention to your keys

Many people are used to hiding a duplicate of their key outside their home. This technique should be avoided because it quickly allows a thief to find a simple way to break into your home. Instead, give a key to someone you trust who will help you out if you need it. Also, do not put your name or address on your keys. It would then be quite easy for a burglar to find your home.

6. Do not announce your departure

Are you going on vacation for a few weeks and you want to share the good news with your loved ones? Even if the desire is great, it is better not to announce your absence on social networks or on your voicemail. This information can quickly end up in the hands of a thief!

7. Give the impression that his house is inhabited

A house that has been uninhabited for a few days may indicate the absence of its owners. To deceive burglars, you can equip yourself with a timer that will turn the lights on and off in your home at convenient times. You should also avoid letting the mail and newspapers pile up on your doorstep.

8. Check doors and windows

Always make sure to lock all of your doors and windows, even those that are high up. Add bars to the basement and downstairs windows to prevent thieves from entering. To maximize your safety, you can also install small thorn trees in front of your windows. No thief will want to mess with it!

Bonus tips: How to protect your home from the outside

Here are 3 tips to better protect your home from the outside.

Be careful with the plants you have around your house

Burglary enthusiasts prefer azaleas. If you’ve planted them around your windows, burglars can use them to act on the sly! It is for this reason that you must maintain your azaleas. You should also not forget your bushes and hedges.

In addition, there are plants that you can use to scare off burglars. By planting for example roses and stinging plants under the openings of your home, you will achieve your goals.

Set up exterior lighting

Do not hesitate to set up lighting systems controlled by motion detection, if the surroundings of your home are less illuminated. Discretion and tranquility are factors that allow burglars to operate properly. They will therefore not have the courage to attack your door if it lights up as soon as they approach it. Then the security of your home starts from the outside, so don’t leave anything to chance!

Tidy up your garage

If your garage is crowded, then you risk parking your car outside. However, there is no longer a great way to let the burglar know that you are in your apartment than to park your vehicle in the yard. It is therefore essential that you take the time to tidy up your garage, to always make room for your vehicle. The use of a mechanical closure will also allow you to increase the safety of the latter. Don’t forget to integrate your garage door and its perimeter into your safety mechanism.

Do you have more questions about the security of your home? Contact the experts at Alcatraz Locksmiths for more advice!

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Take Home Van Insurance vs Personal Policy : Locksmith

So I’ve just started with a new company, they will have me on call. Being on call they expect me to take the van home, but the insurance only covers driving in a professional capacity and does not cover any damage when not parked at the business address…. They want me to carry an individual auto policy to cover parking at my home and any personal driving. Anyone else heard of this? My previous employers had no issue with this in their policies. (They own the van, they pay for everything, gas, maintenance and I’m a full time plus employee)

What are your thoughts?

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Is this quote crazy for rekeying new home or am I just a newbie who doesn’t know any better? : Locksmith

Hello lock experts! First time homeowner and just closed on our home on Monday. I had a locksmith come out today and they quoted us nearly $900 to rekey the entire home! Yikes! I researched the average cost of rekeying a home before he arrived, and was expecting a number in the $200-$300 range, but maybe I drastically miscalculated?!

Here’s the breakdown of the job:

4 Kwikset deadbolts (one sided) – 1 Kwikset deadbolt (double sided) – 1 Schlage deadbolt (locksmith was going to replace with a new Kwikset so every door could be opened with the same Kwikset key). Time 2hrs (but he was charging me for 1hr because he was 5.5hrs late). Home is in CT.

The locksmith seemed like a super nice guy, but… $900?!

If that is normal, and I’m just having a bit of sticker shock, perhaps there is a better way to go about getting all these doors to have the same, but new key?

Thank you so much in advance for any and all advice!

(Edit: Gor my hours wrong and adding my location)

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