Can anybody help me identify this key? The closest match I could find was a car key from a 2000 Honda Civic, but I don’t think it’s exactly right. : Locksmith

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I don’t think that’s for a ‘00 civic, the base where it’s blank is a lot shorter than what my key was.

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Desolder Honda immobilizer?

Greetings fellow automotive locksmiths. Just had a customer come into my shop for key copies and claim that his 01 Accord didnt have a "chip or anything" because he desoldered the chip in the ecu for that and "just took it out" what was left of the key looked lile a 103 (no chip).

Now I dont claim to know everything but that soumds like he came dangerously close to destroying his ECU to do something that isn't possible.

Am I crazy or is that a thing?

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Honda Accord 2003 Door help. : Locksmith

Heres my situation.

Key remote will unlock trunk.

Lock doors.

Key remote will not

Unlock Door

And key will not unlock door when entered manually into the cylinder. Its like its frozen and will not turn.

My only concern is unlocking the door. And don’t wanna put a ton of $ into fixing it.

So my question is what do I ask a locksmith to do? And what would be the cost ?

Id appreciate any feedback.


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Honda Lost Key Question for Other Locksmiths : Locksmith

I made a post about this vehicle (17 Honda Civic w/ prox) just the other day regarding me using the wrong tracer on my cutting machine, but I had another issue that I thought another locksmith could shed some light on.

I thought Honda key codes were always the last 4 in the series of characters. On this vehicle, the code was the first four. I realized this when I went back the following day to finish the key that I couldn’t cut due to using the wrong tracer on my mini. I burned a few emergency blanks before I realized it. The last four characters made a valid code for the vehicle. The code was only in one spot on the entire vehicle. Anyone else ever see this?

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Honda accord key cutting code : Locksmith

Hi everyone.

I’m not a locksmith and I’d like some help to find the code to cut some keys for my 2003 Honda accord (TSX) for you guys in America.

It’s a Japanese import and does not have the lock in the foot well next to the fuel cap release.

I’ve taken the door lock out and the only code on it is 3F03K160 Is this the code I need? If not can I find the code on my ignition barrel or immobilizer?

Thanks in advance.

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