Hoping someone can help me out. I just used my ignition key to unlock my saddle bag which is wrong key and now it’s stuck. Any advice? : Locksmith

A good experienced locksmith can help you with this. Finding that person will be your biggest problem. Someone older than 40 who’s been a locksmith all their life is who your looking for. Someone who, when you ask if they cut Ace keys, doesn’t hesitate to say yes. Some suggestions I have would be to dremel the key out. By cutting it almost flush with the lock and then dissecting it until you can remove it. An tubular pick will then allow you to reset your lock. No pick, then you will then need a new key that’s modified by cutting away the indexing tab so that you can return the lock to the resting position. The modified key will need to be discarded after you’ve reset your lock. Easy peasy.

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