Did someone try to break in to my house? : Locksmith

I don’t know much about lockpicking but I have picked locks before, successfully might I add. This was years ago however but on one of the doors I unlocked, a regular pin and tumbler lock, there was the 1st cylinder, the cylinder that you literally look at, and what must have been a 2nd cylinder that actually unlocks the door when turned.

When I picked the lock, I could engage the first cylinder, if I remember correctly, from applying both the tension wrench and the pick correctly and rather easily. This didn’t unlock the door and the cylinder couldn’t be turned backwards when it was turned in a direction. It had to be turned all the way back to the starting position in the same direction. So the door would unlock when both cylinders were engaged simultaneously in the same correct direction bc the 2nd cylinder unlocks the door and the 1st cylinder allows entry to theunlo cylinder.

Now with my house door, it seems to have the same mechanism with a hand-turned lock on the inside. I have never tried to pick it but I think the hand-lock works independently of the 1st cylinder.

So the other day, I unlocked the door (by hand) to go out, and I noticed the 1st cylinder was out of place. I’ve tried inserting the key only partly to see if the 1st cylinder would budge, but it doesn’t. Doesn’t that mean the 1st cylinder needs to be engaged to move?

I would have completely dismissed it as anomalous if it weren’t for me noticing the exact same thing the next day when going out again.

So is someone trying to break in or am I missing something? Bc from my understanding, a key cannot engage the 1st cylinder without also engaging the 2nd meaning that the key can only be removed when both cylinders are in the starting position, and the hand-lock doesn’t engage the 1st cylinder at all. However, a pick and tension wrench can engage the 1st cylinder without engaging the 2nd… I think.

So how did it happen?

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Just bought a house with an August Smart lock, and the key turns the lock forever without unlocking the deadbolt? : Locksmith

Hi guys–I’m having a hard time finding a solution online, since most support is for sticky keys and is for issues that can be solved with WD-40. I’ve just bought a home and the previous owners had an August Smart Lock on the deadbolt (which they left for me). It works fine from inside and effectively locks the deadbolt, but when taking the key to the outside, the key will spin forever in the lock without unlocking the door. Because this key is good for all the locks (garage, door handle lock, patio), I’d prefer not to replace all the locks, but I”m wondering if this is familiar to someone here who can help me learn how to fix it? Relying just on the smart lock and garage door opener makes me a little nervous vs. having a physical key I can unlock my door with. Thanks!

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Abloy Protec2 Double Deadbolt – Locking all thumbturns from outside the house : Locksmith

I asked about this here before, I asked r/homedefense, I asked SecuritySnobs and I asked Abloy support, and everyone is wrong.

My question was, can I go on vacation and lock all of the thumturns on my Abloy Protec2 deadbolts with lockable thumbturn?

The answer was always NO, as you need to unlock one of them to leave the house, so one lock with have an unlocked thumbturn

This is wrong. Just open the door, lock the thumbturn in the locked position, take your key out and put it in the outside of the door, unlock so you can close, then you can just lock it from the outside again

Now all your deadbolts have inoperable thumbturns, so if you go on vacation and someone busts a window, they still can’t use the door

I just wanted to post here, as it seems no one knew the correct answer

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New House with odd Deadbolt : Locksmith

So I just bought a house and bought a standard deadbolt to change out the lock and saw it wasn’t standard. There’s no holes drilled in the door frame or the door to install a standard deadbolt. Because of the way the deadbolt is designed there’s a nice slice of the door frame cut out to fit the strike. What are my options to install the deadbolt I bought? Should I just get a locksmith to help with the installation? Thanks!

Pictures of the current deadbolt

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Locksmith came to a fellows house drunk last night couldn’t pick it decided to drill the key way because he couldn’t drill the bottom so I put one straight through on the horizon. : Locksmith

Didn’t help that he wanted to pay Friday when he initially called me and I said no, the other locksmith agreed to being paid Friday, he borrowed the money and called and explained he didn’t know what he was doing because he never had a locksmith before so I explained that he couldn’t pick it so he drilled it and wrongly, then he was amazed that I did it in a few minutes and passed the mess he made. Upside I only charged him £60 and I said I will just call it a barrel change because I felt bad that he got swindled by a drunk locksmith. It was also a night call out.

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Another farmhouse job. I did one of these today. The customer wanted to keep the integrity of ‘this old house’ and bought this kit. All in all it wasn’t a direct drop in replace ment so I had to fill some holes and drill some new. The lock is solid but the screws could have been thicker and longer.

Another farmhouse job. I did one of these today. The customer wanted to keep the integrity of 'this old house' and bought this kit. All in all it wasn't a direct drop in replace ment so I had to fill some holes and drill some new. The lock is solid but the screws could have been thicker and longer. submitted by /u/jacobnbr1

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Saw a keyhole on the outside of a house, on the house. Not on the door, but next to it. What might it be for? : Locksmith

Did it have a small light bulb/LED above or next to it. Probably a very old alarm panel. There were two kinds depending on your willingness to spend $$. One was simply a keyswitch that bypassed the door, allowing you entry to then turn off main box inside ( or in the radio shack days the keyswitch turned off everything).

If you were “ wealthy” the keyswitch was a bypass for the door but the alarm sent an opening or close signal to the station. You setup a a time ( say 7:30-8am) and a date range. If you opened before or after or on an unlisted day without advising the alarm company first. They dispatched. Same with closing. You had a window of opportunity and if you didn’t call or missed window. ( say closed at 5, had to arm by 6). You got a call at a minimum or they dispatched.

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