Help identify this key way. having issues finding this key way. i need to make another copy of this key but can’t find blanks. not sure how to post more pictures. can dm for more pics. : Locksmith

My thoughts, too. What do you wanna bet it’s a restricted DND key. My entire career was filled with people wanting restricted keys, one of them was my Director at the county I worked for, & he had a key to his homeowner association’s pool, of course he wanted me to make it on the sly… I told him no & my manager went berserk. “You can’t tell him no!” Wanna bet? Of course, I was retiring in 3 weeks, so I didn’t care.

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Identify Lock made by MARKS USA : Locksmith

I fully expect to get dragged for this, but if there’s a chance I can help a friend, I’ll take that risk!

Friend lives in Greece. He lost the key to his fiancee’s door. They obviously got a locksmith, who informed them that they had two options:

  1. Find a replacement of the original lock

  2. Replace the WHOLE DOOR with a new lock (oof)

All I know is that the lock is made by MARKS USA, and it was probably installed in the 80s. The company won’t talk to him because he’s not in the country, so I have already emailed them with this (likely) impossible question.

I know he’s very distraught over causing so much trouble, and I am hoping to reach someone who has any useful advice. Thanks for your time.

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Can anybody help me identify this key? The closest match I could find was a car key from a 2000 Honda Civic, but I don’t think it’s exactly right. : Locksmith

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I don’t think that’s for a ‘00 civic, the base where it’s blank is a lot shorter than what my key was.

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Haven’t been able to identify what these things are. I’m thinking they could be part of an old lock mechanism? I will put more info in comments. : Locksmith

I found them while metal detecting in the yard. the house was built in late 1800s and there used to be an old hotel back then very close to the house. they were not grouped together, more sparsely spread out across the yard. they are very lightweight metal and i can’t bend them with my hands.

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Looking to identify these locks and where to buy. : Locksmith

I have two pictures of two locks I have, the first is a dovetail mortise type lock, the other is a bigger Victorian mortise lock that nails into the dresser drawer. i have two of the Victorian locks and I believe 3 of the dovetail locks that are missing the center piece, a locksmith had told me with that knob missing the drawer would lock but not unlock so he would not give me the key for the working locks, and told me replacing them would damage the drawer when i very easily removed them from both pieces with zero damage. any advice is appreciated.

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Please help identify this door lock. I need to know how to change the battery. : Locksmith

The battery is dead in the door lock to my townhome complex’s community garage. I don’t know what kind of lock it is, because there are no markings. There is a rubber access cover on the bottom of the outside part, but I can’t tell whether there’s an allen or phillips screw or what recessed in there.

I need to know either what the make and model are and/or how to remove that cover to change the battery. Thanks in advance.

r/Locksmith - Please help identify this door lock. I need to know how to change the battery.

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anyone able to identify this lock? [London, UK] it’s the roof door in our apartment we bought 5 years ago but never had the key 🧐lockdownhas me curious and couldn’t find anything on google 🤔 : Locksmith

would rather find the company and ask them to send a replacement key tbh given i’m out of work atm and locksmith prices here aren’t the most affordable. besides this isn’t a pressing issue, hence why i thought someone might be able to identify 😌

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