The spring isn’t pulling back the latch far enough to allow the door to open. I thought it would be easy to replace just that but the privacy pin is square because of it being a thumb lever type thing in the rosette. Need some help identifying parts to replace it. Antique door co was baffled. : Locksmith

Looks like one of those old National locks. They were designed to be replaced, not repaired, but the company went out of business a very long time ago. The National Cabinet Lock division is still around as NCL, but that won’t help with this.

I would just install a new privacy lock. The new locks are larger and will cover up the holes of the old one. I haven’t done residential work in years, but I think various brands make privacy locks with glass knobs.

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Help identifying part : Locksmith

I’m looking for any help identifying what this part is, a supplier that might carry it, or a comparable lock that I can replace it with. Strybuc is my normal multipoint supplier and they didn’t give me anything useful although they’re still looking intriguing it. It’s some sort of multipoint lock and the only name I see on it is Tung on the trim. I remember seeing a door similar to this with Hoppe hardware that was technically window hardware so I don’t know if this is something similar. Long story short, the building management/original contractor/etc don’t know what these are so they asked for a bid. Pretty much if I can identify these things I get the contract for a 90 unit building. Although at this point, I’m starting to wonder if it’ll be worth it…

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Help identifying latch : Locksmith

Repaired a latch for a customer, I should’ve taken a picture of it, I don’t know why I didn’t, never seen this kind of latch before. I just want to find out what it is for my own research, but I can’t find anything about it or even a picture.

Was a schlage full plate single cylinder entry set.

The latch itself didn’t have a hole for a spindle, it was locked into place with grooves from the plate body coming in from the exterior.

The thumb button turned a hollow half circle cam that pushed the end of the latch housing which in turn pulled something that looked like a sear from a gun that withdrew the latch itself.

The entire assembly looked like it had exploded and dropped the sear looking thing to the bottom of the hole so nothing was pulling the latch in.

Put it back together, but it looked like the housing was supposed to be welded or tac’d on but that had come off. I imagine this latch really isn’t supposed to be serviceable? I had to peen what was left of the pin to hold the housing together.

Appreciate the help.

Shitty drawing

I’m not an artist so this is my shitty rendition of it. The notches on the left locked the latch into position with the frame from the plate. The cam would just push on the left side which would pull the sear and retract the latch. This is the interior of a brass barrel the entire mechanism was inside, so none of this is visible with it put together.

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