Can anyone identify this key duplicator? ILCO 190km? When was it made? Any tips on restoring it. Motor still runs but vibrates like crazy. Also needs a new belt. Any help would be appreciated. : Locksmith

New motor is going to be a few hundred bucks. You’ll have to pull it totally to pieces and get the rust off with possibly some grinding/sanding which will throw off the balance of the spindles and wheels. It would be pointless to do it all and not re-plate it so that’s more time and money. As a fix it project I’d be all into it l, but for a reliable useable accurate key machine, likely not.

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Can anyone identify this weird key blank,? I have a customer who needs a duplicate. I searched through the Ilco, Yale and corbin/russwin catalogues : Locksmith

Not a locksmith, but I can confirm what u/marccerisier and u/supa325 said.

It is a restricted key that should only be able to be copied at the locksmith listed on the key.

I have these keys for my restaurant locks. My locksmith is very serious about checking ID and signatures before allowing copies of the key to be made.

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