German door with lots of bolts and a key with colored inserts and dimples : Locksmith

Years ago I did an exchange program and got to live in a Penthouse in a big city in Germany. The family took security very seriously after having lost much during the war. The front door was impressive and now that I’m all grown up I’m trying to find something similar.

The first thing I noticed was the key to the door. It had various sizes of dimples and had colored inserts press-fit into the key. If I recall, there were some inserts with dimples I was told it used some type of magnet system, but I never noticed my key being a magnet. What type of key/lock was this? Is it actually secure?

The door was what really impressed me. It had a simple spring bolt that would engage when the door closed and was released when the key was turned about 1/2 turn right. But, turning the key to the left took about 10 full turns and drove multiple bolts about the diameter of my pinky into the walls/floor/ceiling. Where can I find a door like this in the US?

Very much appreciate your input.

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