How to lock this door from the outside if all the locks in the house are the same. What can I install that doesn’t require drilling? : Locksmith

Way back when hotels commonly used this style of keys, I believe Yale, among others, made a keyhole blocker that had a cam not unlike the current Euro profile cylinders, and would fit in the keyhole and once the blocker’s key was turned to remove it, it effectively locked itself in the keyway. The standard key no longer would go in the keyhole. To open the door, you used the blocker’s key first to remove it completely, and then you used the standard key.

You might have luck finding one on eBay as I believe they are no longer made. I cannot guarantee that it will go into your lock, however.

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Contractor: “What takes so long to install a lock?”

Frame: “I’m installed crooked and my doors won’t close.”

Door: “My factory preps are completely wrong, and now you have to deal with it!”

Lock: “I’m missing half my screws. Yay!!”

Cylinder: “You really think you’re going to find where my threading starts? Think again…”

…. happy Mondays boys

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Trident Install : Locksmith

I’m just wondering if I’m retarded or if this is normal. It took seven man hours for me to install two of these things with the alarm.

I read that installation is doable in under two hours. Maybe if I did nothing but trident I could get the time down, but even then, that’s a stretch. I took my time and made sure everything was perfect before putting holes in frames and the door, and it all worked great, but I don’t see how you can take less time and still be as accurate without some sort of set back from misaligned points.

How long does it normally take you guys? And how much do you charge? What are things you do to make it easier?

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Trying to figure out how to DIY install this new smart lock. : Locksmith

Ok so I don’t even locksmith on your continent but there is 4 measurements you need.

Backset – distance from edge of door to cylinder or smart lock hub

faceplate length – already established it’s shorter

Pitch height – distance from spindle (square thing that sits in the door handle) to cylinder centre (or smart hub or whatever is operating the mortice lock

Lock body depth

Without getting an extended faceplate you need to check if the faceplate will still have material left to screw into, if not you’re either bogging the door, giving up on the idea entirely or fabricating something.

To be honest I wouldn’t recommend you try this yourself. Some Locksmiths don’t even do this stuff (they should)

As long as your face plate is just a plate and has no smart lock pieces on it (magnets for door sensor) and all that Jazz, i would get one fabricated to suit the door. Easiest way out of trouble without potentially stuffing something.

Edit: also it looks like an apartment, you could be violating fire regulations by fitting this. I’d call a locksmith in your area!

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Hold my beer while I install this… “you do know the handing is field reversible right?” Oh screw that field work shit, they should have sent it right, back up I know what I’m doing! : Locksmith

Ha yeah didnt know they could rehand it classic, I’m on a job now where the carpenters installed all this electrified hardware wrong every bit doors dont latch exit devices over to far. Heads hitting the strike nothing wired right , the struggle is real !!

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