Made my first Chrysler key today. I picked the lock read the cuts, Cut the key and programmed it. With only 3 days of intense locksmith training with my grandad ! (Lishi tools) : Locksmith

Wait till you start using a twin lifter lishi, or even a 4 lifter if you happen to get the chance, like with a TOY48. The CY24 is the best lishi to start with because with Chrysler locks you can clearly feel when you are successfully picking the lock. Learning how to feel what’s going on inside the lock through the lifter is the key to using any lishi successfully, and Chrysler makes that very easy. Don’t get discouraged when you struggle with a twin arm lishi like the HU66 twin, the HU100, or the HU101, just keep working at it, and it will come to you. I’ve even seen some very experienced locksmiths struggle with single arm lishis, some locks just don’t cooperate.

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