Dear auto guys. Key extraction tips welcomed. : Locksmith

Before someone says to call a locksmith…eat my butt.

Someone thought it would be fun to snap a key off in my driver’s side door. Any good tips in getting the tip 6 cuts out of 8 cut front door lock? I’m struggling (if you call trying for a few minutes struggling) to get the wafers down to get the key out. The regular extractors I have aren’t making headway at all. I don’t want to have to climb over my pile “shit that I’ll totally sort” in the passenger seat every day. If the advice is to lubricate the lock with my tears and probe around again ill try that in the morning. Thanks!

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I need a bolt, or latch that locks when you close it. Combination or key is fine. : Locksmith

I want to make a double parcel mailbox that the mailman can put packages into, close the door and then it be locked until I get home.

Preferably both locks could have the same combination or key. We have multiple carriers in Japan that come at different times so that’s why I want two boxes. In Japan they generally won’t leave packages on the doorstep either.

I just don’t know what this kind of lock is called so I’m having trouble finding it. Mailboxes here are also about $300+ so I really would rather make it myself.

This is the general style I’m trying to replicate.

Thanks, I hope this is the right subreddit for this. If not, sorry.

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Long shot but is there anyway I can fix this myself? No part of the key is protruding. If not possible thanks anyway👍🏼 : Locksmith

You know what needs to happen – either you can wiggle it out or you can’t. Locksmiths have purpose made tools and experience that make it easy.

So you can pay for a locksmith and get it done quickly and cleanly or you can have a go yourself and you might get it out. Worst case scenario, you make a mess of it and still have to pay a locksmith’s fee plus £5-10 for a handle if you wrecked yours.

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Long tubular key with notches on four side : Locksmith

Greetings Locksmiths,

When I was a kid we had this lock that had a long tubular brass key with notches on four sides. It was about 2 inches long and had a hole at the tip, in the middle of the cylinder. I have never seen any other one like this in over 25 years but I miss this lock as it was pleasing to use: locking and unlocking felt very smooth. Do any of you could identify it only with this poor description? If any of you can, I would love to know if this is considered a good lock because as a kid I felt like this was the most secure lock in the world.

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Key snapped in this lock. Any suggestions to remove? I tried removing the handle on both sides but lock goes right through. Tried jabbing the bottom of the key hole with thin metal screw heads. Am stuck : Locksmith

I get calls like this all the time. It’s always worse when the customer has been poking, prodding and scraping at things. Just bite the bullet and call a locksmith because this requires specialist tools. They will also tell you what’s needed to stop it happening again, because there is almost always an underlying cause when a key snaps.

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