Help identify this key way. having issues finding this key way. i need to make another copy of this key but can’t find blanks. not sure how to post more pictures. can dm for more pics. : Locksmith

My thoughts, too. What do you wanna bet it’s a restricted DND key. My entire career was filled with people wanting restricted keys, one of them was my Director at the county I worked for, & he had a key to his homeowner association’s pool, of course he wanted me to make it on the sly… I told him no & my manager went berserk. “You can’t tell him no!” Wanna bet? Of course, I was retiring in 3 weeks, so I didn’t care.

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Just found these keys. Anyone know if there’s a way to trace a key back to its lock? : Locksmith

Nope… these are just copies of a Schlage keyway – probably a doorknob and/or deadbolt.

If you visit a hardware store and look at the bulk-packages of knobs and deadbolts, you’ll notice the key codes are the same for every few pieces. This is the quick and easy way people buy keyed alike products. It also means that two people who are shopping in the isle the same day may share the same key.

At a hardware store, when door locks are sold, there are no registries recorded. When keys are made, customers and pin codes aren’t recorded. They’re just made and sent out the door.

So, the short answer to your question is “no” – unless you spend a lot of time sticking keys in holes while hoping not to get arrested =)

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Nostalgic front door set — Lab pins diameter to large to rekey to new key

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Key Copy Consistently Cut Too Low : Locksmith


I have a copy of my house key cut by my local hardware store that doesn’t work. This the 3rd try for them of this copy. The copies were made from two other keys: one copy, and one original to test out “copy-of-a-copy” error magnification.

I finally took the cylinder out of the deadbolt to try and see why it won’t turn. All of the pins are not rising high enough to be flush with the cylinder, with one pin being exceptionally low. This explains why the only way I could ever get the key to turn sometimes was by bumping it.

Why did / is this happening, and how can I make sure it doesn’t happen again when I get this copy redone?

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None copyable key

Hi, I am in the U.K. I have UPVC doors. I am wanting to give my daughter a key however she has to go to my EX sometimes and I don’t want him to be able to make a copy due to him previously entering my house without my approval and taking things. I currently have anti snap locks and would like to retain this feature due to previous breakins. So does such a lock exist? Thanks.

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