Is a set of interconnected locks on a door with a keyed lever & deadbolt easier to pick? : Locksmith

Hello. I purchased a condo apt. and I haven’t even moved in yet and have had 2 break-ins. One of those break-ins was after I changed the lock cylinders. They weren’t forced entry break-ins.

About a week ago I realized that the door has an interconnected handle/lock. So if I’m in the apt. with both locks locked, and I need to leave asap, I pull down the lever and both locks unlock and stay unlocked.

From the outside, if an intruder wants to open my lock, if they bump the keyed lever, will the deadbolt automatically unlock, because they are interconnected?

This condo building was built in 2004 in Oakland, CA. I’m sure that my interconnected handle/deadbolt combo is one of the originals, from 2004. A lot of other owners have changed their handle/lock combos.

Is an interconnected handle/deadbolt required, by building code, in multi-family buildings in the state of California?

Thanks in advance for your help! 🙂

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Rekeying Schlage keyed entry door knobs : Locksmith

Well, you should have drivers in there, so the springs never come in contact with the plug.

It’s been a while since I rekeyed Schlage with C-clip, but if I remember correctly, the end of the plug, where the tailpiece goes, is shaped like an oval. You need to insert the plug at more or less exactly 90º so that the end of the oval shape keeps everything in the bible like it should.

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Help with new kwikset exterior keyed door knob, please? : Locksmith

I’ve installed lots of new doorknobs and deadbolts and have never had this problem. Everything seems to work properly until it’s installed in the door. I’ve replaced the knob and deadbolt on this particular door several times, too. (It’s a rental unit). The old knob works fine but the tenant did not return the keys so I’m replacing it.

When I turn the knob the latch retracts fine, but gets stuck there. It won’t release when you let go of the knob. I’ve tried loosening the bolts a tiny bit, but not so much that the knob jiggles, thinking maybe it was all too tight, but that doesn’t help. It’s brand new so there’s plenty of lubricant. Is it just faulty and I should return it?

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Keyed lever one side only : Locksmith

We have a security door in my office with keyed lever on both sides. Door is activated remotely by staff pressing a button to unlock the door. Visitors walking in just need to PUSH the door open, but because there is a lever they constantly try to turn the handle, which doesn’t do anything. They get very confused and, for some reason, angry.

I’d like to replace that keyed lever with just a deadbolt cylinder housing since staff still need to enter the premises through that door using the keyed lock. No more handle, no more problem. I’d then put up a push plate.

I’ve searched for a set like this (keyed lever one side, cylinder housing the other) and can’t find any. Is this possible to do with the existing hardware and any cylinder housing? Is there specific replacement set I can purchase and install using the existing cylinders?

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VD99 CVR panic with LFIC keyed digging unit question : Locksmith

Got a stuck key in one of these panic dogging units where it’s been over turned and is caught 180° the wrong direction. Fixed by taking the bar off the door but was a real bear in this situation. Anyone have any techniques they’ve been successful with to get it back around without disassembly? Ultimately it had to come off anyway to replace some pieces but it would have been much easier had I been able to get the key out first.

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Any recommendations on where to find a non keyed double thumb deadbolt? : Locksmith

I can only find one place online and it’s like 86$. Or any other recommendations for something with the same function for the bathroom that will lock and unlock from the inside and outside? Doesn’t necessarily have to be a deadbolt. My daughter has seizures so we don’t let her lock the bathroom door because she had a seizure in there and we couldn’t get in with the push key. Thanks!

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Can I use a keyed door knob on the inside with a door handleset on the exterior? : Locksmith

Hi All,

I tried searching for this to see if it’s possible, but basically would I be able to use a keyed door knob on the interior with a door handleset on the exterior?

Would I be able to use this keyed door knob on the inside and this bottom door handleset on the outside?

I will have a deadbolt at the top, but wanted to check if this was also possible.


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