Why would they make a padlock that opens with a common handcuff key and then NOT disguise the keyhole so it does not look like a handcuff key fits it? : Locksmith

Yes, they make a padlock that opens with a common handcuff key (the handcuff key can be bought for less than a dollar).

Just seems kind of stupid. They could make it with a different shaped keyhole that looks like a regular wide keyway, but also fits a handcuff key. WHY NOT DO THAT?

You wouldnt want someone examining the padlock’s keyhole and easily deducing that a common handcuff key would open it, right?

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Saw a keyhole on the outside of a house, on the house. Not on the door, but next to it. What might it be for? : Locksmith

Did it have a small light bulb/LED above or next to it. Probably a very old alarm panel. There were two kinds depending on your willingness to spend $$. One was simply a keyswitch that bypassed the door, allowing you entry to then turn off main box inside ( or in the radio shack days the keyswitch turned off everything).

If you were “ wealthy” the keyswitch was a bypass for the door but the alarm sent an opening or close signal to the station. You setup a a time ( say 7:30-8am) and a date range. If you opened before or after or on an unlisted day without advising the alarm company first. They dispatched. Same with closing. You had a window of opportunity and if you didn’t call or missed window. ( say closed at 5, had to arm by 6). You got a call at a minimum or they dispatched.

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