Am I the last locksmith on the planet that still creates my own master key systems by hand? Whats a decent program a guy can get that does some but not alot of master keying. : Locksmith

The problem with the software is it can’t do really weird and unique shit where you need to do cross keying which when you need to do it, can be complicated as fuck. The natural progression of masters, sub masters, change keys/slaves, is pretty easy, especially if you have a grand master that are low cuts because you can go deeper for the subs. As opposed to where as grand master with say a midcut can get dicey when the system gets huge and complicated and you have the issue of possible ghost keys.

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keying a newer toyota rav4 : Locksmith

Hi so I spent a whole day through this and need to know if I did anything wrong. I needed second keys for two cars. I called a locksmith and he said he could program me another key on an 2014 lexus, and a 2019 rav4. When he came he did the lexus in like 5 minutes, but couldn’t do the rav4 as it required a dealer password of some sort. No dealer had any idea about that and said to come in. Locksmith gave me what he claimed to be a oem rav4 key fob and said a dealer should be able to program it. It looks literally identical to the rav4 key fob we have along with the numbers. I take it to the dealer, and the master tech failed to clone it after trying it a couple of times and i had to pay 75$ for their time and nothing to show for it. Original locksmith then referred me to another locksmith who he highly recommended and said he should be able to do it. I went to him and the locksmith tried with his tech and still failed. He said only dealers have the software right now. He claims the key is fine, and that I should call him in a few months as the software should be available by then. But he quoted me 135$ for programming when we do it.

My question is, is the software really not available for the 2019 rav4 besides for dealers? If so why compared to other cars? The car has already been out since late 2018.

I got my 14 lexus keyed for 180$ is that a good price? Considering the price of the fob and the future cost of programming it, is 235$ a good price for that in terms of non dealer price for rav4?

If you’re asking why I didn’t get toyota to just do it, they were at the minimum going to charge me 485$. I really don’t have that kind of money. I called every toyota dealer in the area.

I appreciate any replies

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