Tracker 1800tf out in the parking lot, not real keen on removing the cylinder and I need some help locating a key for it. None of my Mercury keys worked for it. Any idea what profile? Found online it may be a Silca MBL1, but we don’t have that in stock and a sub didnt work.

Tracker 1800tf out in the parking lot, not real keen on removing the cylinder and I need some help locating a key for it. None of my Mercury keys worked for it. Any idea what profile? Found online it may be a Silca MBL1, but we don't have that in stock and a sub didnt work. submitted by /u/Skirion

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Best duplicator for SFIC keys? : Locksmith

So I just took over as the maintenance manager at an apartment complex. The entire complex has a Best Access SFIC system, 7-pins. The last maintenance manager used a local locksmith to make keys/changes/etc. which cost both a lot of time and money.

I’m not an expert, but I understand SFIC locks and I bought a pinning kit, so I have successfully been able to re-pin the cores…but my problem now is finding a way to cut new keys in-house. We are a medium size complex, but we obviously don’t need to make that many new keys…I’d say an average of only 1 or 2 a week.

So my plan is to buy a duplicator, since they are so much cheaper and a set of depth keys. Cheap is the primary concern here, it doesn’t really matter if it takes me 10 minutes to cut a key because we make so few of them.

Any advice on a CHEAP duplicator that I can make new 7-pin Best IC keys with by using depth keys?? CLK Supplies has a ‘TU-1000 Hand Cut Duplicator’, but I have no idea if those would work with 7 pin Best keys?

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Tried to get into my new place today and was wondering why the key wouldn’t go in… Have two other roommates and their keys are fine but they’re hours away : Locksmith

Yeah unfortunately one of my roommates was activated for National Guard and the other won’t be returning for a while, so I guess I’ll have to go to the locksmith. Luckily there’s a local locksmith right across the street from my current apartment.

But could you elaborate on the part where you said that it wasn’t my key? All of our keys look identical, that being they’re all Kwikset “Do Not Duplicate” keys, but mine is the only one that seems to be “coded” in reverse compared to theirs. We got in with one of the keys last week to go through a checklist of the place and I guess I chose the faulty key. We transferred our internet to this location too and I’m in need to set up the modem so I can take my finals this week haha.

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I have this vintage curios cabinet that I can’t seem to open with a straightforward key. It has 4 keys for the 2 of them which are all the same. But none of them is working. Any ideas what I can do? : Locksmith

Yes, it definitely is the right key. the 4 keys are identical, and even peering through the keyhole, it looks the same. Looks fairly straightforward where the hole in the key fits into the round piece.

These are easily over 20 years old i reckon. It’s my mum’s.

I will try putting some lubricants. I did put some force when trying to open, but afraid of breaking it !

Thanks for the tip !

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Locked Keys In Your Car Can Be The Worst!

Being locked out of your car is the worst! You’re frustrated, angry or even frightened(depends on your location). There are lots of circumstances that could lead to you being locked out of your vehicle. Whatever the circumstance, it’s not nice. The key is not to freak out. That’s funny because you’re actually freaked out because of the key. Anyways, let’s look at some of the common scenarios that you can lock yourself out of your car and what you can do instead of freaking out.

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Scenario 1: Breaking Your Key in The Lock

Your ex husband is simply the worst! Why does his new girlfriend always have to hug you? You’re so upset. You storm to your car,  trying to get it open. The button isn’t working. You’re on the verge of explosion. You use your key and somehow all your anger is transferred to the lock and then click!  Or not! That was the sound of your key breaking in the lock. Can your day get any worse?

Scenario 2: Losing your Key at Home

You have to be at work in 30 minutes. You grab your bag and your keys and gulp down the coffee. Oh, you’re going to be late. You just cannot be late. You have a presentation to make. You sprint to your car and pull out your keys. Wait, there are no keys. But you grabbed them, or did you? Oh no!  You run back to house. You search frantically for it. You cannot find it. You’re 5 minutes late. Oh burger! You’re going to be so late to work. Can your day get any worse?

Scenario 3: Losing Your Key at the Office

It’s the close of work. You want to go home and just drop on your bed. You walk out of your office and into the parking lot. You see your car, the portal to convey you to your fortress. You get to it, pull out your keys. No you didn’t, because they aren’t in your pockets or in your briefcase. You rush back to the office, they aren’t there either. This is happening. Where could you have dropped them? You have no idea.

Scenario 4: Locking Your Keys in the Car

This is the worst. They key is actually staring at you in the face but you just can’t reach it. Wait!  You’ve got a spare key. You smile. Wait a minute,  it’s in your glove compartment! Oh no! You can’t do anything about it. You locked your doors using manual lockdown. What can you do?

All the scenarios discussed are very common. The normal response to these is massive freak out. I’m here to ask you to calm down. Let’s discuss practical ways you can prevent this from happening to you.

Have a Spare Key Handy

Alot of drivers have a spare key, but they make the mistake of keeping it I’m the glove compartment. Now accessibility is as important as availability. Instead of keeping your spare keys in the glove compartment, you could;

  • Keep it with a trusted friend
  • Have it on you at all times, preferably attached to a piece of jewelry
  • Keep a copy in your office.

Contact a Locksmith

This is the best option. If you want to go with this,  it is best you go with a reputable firm with trusted employees. It’s important to note that if your keys are locked in your car,  you may want to be around your car while waiting for the locksmith to ward off burglars.

Alcatraz Locksmith are willing to help you. We understand how frustrated you feel, that is why we always have a professional ready to come to you ASAP.

Give us a call.

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Any use for miscut/misprogrammed transponder keys? : Locksmith

Hello everyone:

We had a customer come in on Friday to get a transponder key cloned. I was on my way back from doing the deposit, so the bosses wife was handling it. When I came back, she passed it off to me. She had cut the transponder key and I was going to clone it. When I put it in the cloner the dreaded (to me) message came up: WRONG TRANSPONDER.

The key she had used was one of the ones with the built-in transponder. I cloned it to one of the keys with an insertable transponder and it cloned fine. I cut the key, went out and tested it, and it worked fine. Customer paid and went on his way.

This got me wondering, is there anything that can be done with one of these used transponder keys? I mean, the key is kind of toast now because the transponder was a permanent type and the key was cut, but what about the kind with an insertable transponder? Is it possible to remove the transponder and reset it? I’ve only used the plastic chip transponders but we have some of the glass ones as well. I’m guessing that the key that was cut is kind of useless now, unless I just hold on to it forever when a possible rekey job that requires this particular key and transponder combination comes up.

Sorry if this doesn’t make sense…

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