Few of these guys still knocking around in my town. Needed keys made, and good cleaning/lubricating : Locksmith

Im in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. In the United States. Its a Schlage D series entry knob, with an 18″ backset. They were popular in the late 50’s through 60’s.. 5″ backset is very common still in my area. 18″ was more rare, but most of the doors have been replaced by now. I know of maybe 5 or 6 others in my area. That we still work on from time to time.

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Replacing Apartment Mailbox Keys : Locksmith

I sell mailbox locks to property management companies all week long. Pretty sure these are for when they are getting the apartments changed over for a new renter though. I have gone and replaced mailbox locks for various customers as well, for me, the customer and not their landlord covered the bill. Hard to say whose responsibility it is, but I would say yours though since you lost the keys. It’s a really straightforward job, so it shouldn’t take more than half an hour for a competent locksmith. I think the last one I did, the bill came out to around $100 (service call, lock, and labor).

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