Questions regarding my apartment deadbolt keyway. Any help is appreciated. : Locksmith

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Buy a new Kwikset deadbolt from your local locksmith, bring your existing key so they can re-pin the new one to your existing key if you want.

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Can a convert a vintage Schlage NOVO exterior push-button locking knob to a Kwikset keyway? : Locksmith

What type of Kwikset-keyway’d cylinder (if any) can I put into a 1950s Schlage NOVO push button locking knob? I don’t have a key for the lock, and I don’t know how to pick it. And, I would like to use the Kwikset key for the other doors in the house.

If it helps, it is an A series, which they say is like the current models Georgian, Plymouth, Tulip, Orbit, Levon (lever)

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My RV has a normal key and I was able to pick the lock the other day, set the pins, and get a rotation, but then the keyway jammed at about 3/4 a turn.

I'm curious what would cause this? Is there a second set of pins that I'm missing and have to re-pick after a certain amount of rotation? This was just a test to see if I could regain entry in the event I lost my keys.

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