First week in the road kicked my ass (a rant) : Locksmith

*on the road

I have been persistent about getting on the road and was with the company for a year and some change before they finally put me on. Really, we lost like 3 techs. They never really wanted to put me on the road to begin with, because I have a vagina. Felt it wasn’t a good place for me. Anyway, I learned the fundamentals in the shop, bounced around to 11 of the 14 shop locations, apprenticing under everyone along the way. Learned how to program cars (not German), keying (general, medeco, multilock, assa, etc) master keying, ic cores (best, Corbin, Sargent, Schlage, keymark), impressioning, you get the idea. However I didn’t get a whole lot of commercial training or really, stuff that you run into on the road that you don’t really get in the shops. I’ve always been aware that being out in the field is a whole different beast.

They trained me for less than a week and a half on ride alongs, and threw me into my own van. It’s an old e250 with a broken radio, a worn out duplicator that gives me near perfect working keys 70% of the time. Today it gave me zero Y1 dupes. The rear leaks when it rains, and the alignment is shit. But they gave the new guy a newer van, a transit, with a back up camera.

My first day alone went relatively smoothly. A couple days later I take a call for recoding simplex e3000s – no keys, no code. I had to call for help, meaning, someone had to come save me lol. Way outside my scope of experience. I’ve never dealt with commercial. Then I get sent to jobs with wrong key ways and wrong keys. Just all bad information so i look like an idiot (granted I am new at this lol). I keep running into these snags with shit that I’ve never dealt with in a shop and this whole week has kicked my ass pretty good. I know it comes with time and experience; trial and error, but goddamn. I knew what I was signing up for but I wasn’t ready for all this. Kudos to all of you who have earned your title.

*edit/add on: I like doing my own recalls (have only had 1 so far, which was the eplex) or revisits (stuff I didn’t have tools for, or just something I told the customer I’d come back to take care of) so I can learn. I know later on I might not have that kind of time, but while they don’t have me swamped with calls, I’ll take the opportunities. I’m not the type to half ass, and I’m a bit of a perfectionist.

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