Delete if not allowed. Does anyone know what kind of lock set this is and if I can get another one? : Locksmith

Well, the dead bolt doesn’t lock immediately when we try to lock it, we have to turn the key and jiggle the handle a few times before it will finally lock, and the handle on the inside falls off when we open the door. So not sure if we need to replace the entire thing or not. What are your thoughts?

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ELI5 the mechanisms of this kind of door knob. Every other door knob I’ve seen in my life has the inside knob also unable to turn when locked. I’m not a locksmith so I won’t know the jargon; I’m just really curious. : Locksmith

The feature is called emergency egress, the higher grade Schlage you can find in Home Depot have them, otherwise it’s not typical of crappy locks. The idea is that if you’re escaping a fire, burglar, or uncle joe, you’re able to leave without having to think about unlocking the door in a panic. Trust me, If you see uncle joe in your house, you will be panicking. Lock hardware in Home Depot is typically trash.

As for how it actually works, the inside knob is not directly attracted to the lock actuator like the outside knob is until it’s turned to a certain degree. Turning the inside knob to that degree makes contact with the actuator and unlocks the door for the outside. The lock actuator is a long rod (ha) which the back end you turn to lock or unlock it.

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