Help with new kwikset exterior keyed door knob, please? : Locksmith

I’ve installed lots of new doorknobs and deadbolts and have never had this problem. Everything seems to work properly until it’s installed in the door. I’ve replaced the knob and deadbolt on this particular door several times, too. (It’s a rental unit). The old knob works fine but the tenant did not return the keys so I’m replacing it.

When I turn the knob the latch retracts fine, but gets stuck there. It won’t release when you let go of the knob. I’ve tried loosening the bolts a tiny bit, but not so much that the knob jiggles, thinking maybe it was all too tight, but that doesn’t help. It’s brand new so there’s plenty of lubricant. Is it just faulty and I should return it?

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Cannot access the other side and apparently the locking mechanism is broken inside and the handle doesn’t turn all the way. I tried putting a small screwdriver into the pinhole to try to get the door knob off and can’t get anything to release. Please help. : Locksmith

That’s definitely for a detent, not a set screw. This is probably a Defiant or some other cheapo knob.

OP: The detent probably isn’t in line with that little hole so to be able to press it you will likely have to rotate the knob CW or CCW in order to be able to push it in.

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Remove the ability to unlock knob without a key : Locksmith

Hi all, is there anyway to make a standard “privacy” knob not unlockable without a key? Can I just buy a rear handle without the twist thing on the back so you can only lock or unlock with the key? I tried using a “always locked” one from Amazon, although it did not fit in the door. It appears to have a non standard setback into the door

Any ideas are appreciated

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Is there any way to update this 60-year-old center knob lock? : Locksmith

Well… there are smart locks that use cylindrical chassis instead of tubular (basically, any commercial ones), but I can’t help but think they’d look a bit odd on an 18” backset. The Schlage NDE series, for example, is based on the ND series—so it would support extended backsets.

Ultimately, gluing wood in to the existing holes and reboring the door would probably be the most economical option.

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Swivel spindle off an antique yale mortise. Anybody seen it or have any suggestions for finding a replacement? It’s worn and the interior knob keeps falling off. Any specifics I should be looking for? : Locksmith

Any older shop may have some. I have some that look similar

Alternate repair, is you thru it and drill thru the knob , and either tap and put a screw completely thru both pieces , or drive a roll pin to pin the knob. Both will hold the knob from falling off in the future.

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This is a Schlage I found in a box of F51’s. Does anyone know what kind of knob this is? I don’t have keys for it and it seems different then just standard pins. : Locksmith

Schlage’s version of the SmartKey called “SecureKey”. They discontinued them and recalled all the cylinders. Requires a “blue key” to rekey, you might find those somewhere in your shop. Not sure why they discontinued, some say because they fail, some say because Kwikset sued them.

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