Rekeying Schlage keyed entry door knobs : Locksmith

Well, you should have drivers in there, so the springs never come in contact with the plug.

It’s been a while since I rekeyed Schlage with C-clip, but if I remember correctly, the end of the plug, where the tailpiece goes, is shaped like an oval. You need to insert the plug at more or less exactly 90º so that the end of the oval shape keeps everything in the bible like it should.

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Knobs and plates are tight but entire assembly slides back and forth. Can’t find any videos that explain how to fix it. : Locksmith

Bingo. Your memory is dead-on. Take out that screw, and the shaft has a series of holes that let you slide and set the knob progressively closer to the plate.

Unfortunately for me, the screws are set as close as I can get them, and there’s still a lot of slack. It’s as if I need thicker decorative plates to fill the gap between it and the screw. But that seems like a janky solution.

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