Finding a Compatible Kwikset Cylinder for this handleset : Locksmith

Hi all. My entire house is Kwikset on one key with the exception of this one patio slider we just had installed. Nonconforming locks must be eliminated. This is the way.

Problem is…local locksmith only had a kwikset cylinder that might have fit but the little bulge in the cylinder was too long. I called the door manufacturer, and the people that make this lock, Hoppe, only supply Schlange cylinders. This being a small town, I figured the grand ol’ Internet might have more luck finding me one. If not, can one be made? I’m like CLU in Tron, I don’t dig imperfections. Help me obi-lockinobe, you are my only hope!

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Problem removing a Kwikset deadbolt with no screws

I am trying to replace a Kwikset deadbolt with no visible screws and haven't had any luck.

This link shows the exact lock:

I removed the set screw, as the link said to, but the locking knob still won't detach.

Does anyone have any experience with any of this? Is it possible that the set screw broke off inside? or are there more screws that i need to remove first that i'm missing?


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Help with new kwikset exterior keyed door knob, please? : Locksmith

I’ve installed lots of new doorknobs and deadbolts and have never had this problem. Everything seems to work properly until it’s installed in the door. I’ve replaced the knob and deadbolt on this particular door several times, too. (It’s a rental unit). The old knob works fine but the tenant did not return the keys so I’m replacing it.

When I turn the knob the latch retracts fine, but gets stuck there. It won’t release when you let go of the knob. I’ve tried loosening the bolts a tiny bit, but not so much that the knob jiggles, thinking maybe it was all too tight, but that doesn’t help. It’s brand new so there’s plenty of lubricant. Is it just faulty and I should return it?

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opinions on bypassing kwikset smart key lock : Locksmith

First and foremost: Yes. They’re crap.

I’ve been told that if I ever come across them on a lockout, just drill them, because there’s no sense in trying. I know they’re not regular pins, because of the functionality design for the rekeying, but wanted to ask anyway. Opinions?

Hell, while I’m at it, is there a way around those stupid Schlage+ locks without a control key? I typically keep hardware I pull for spare parts if it’s in good working condition, but those I unfortunately have been tossing.

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Can I place a Kwikset cylinder in a Schlage keypad deadbolt if I don’t have the key? : Locksmith

I purchased a new home today with a Schlage electronic deadbolt on the front door (something like the Camelot Trim Keypad Deadbolt) and 6 other entry doorknobs with matching Kwikset KW10s. The seller claims that they do not have a copy of the Schlage key to the front door, but gave me one (yes one) for the other 6 Kwiksets.

I am planning to swap out the pins on the kwiksets and will do something with the front door, but am wondering what my options are on that deadbolt. Can I fit a Kwikset 6 pin cylinder in a Schlage deadbolt (I am assuming that I’d need a locksmith to do it because I don’t have the key)? Or, am I going to have to settle for replacing the whole lock with a Kwikset mechanism?

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Can a convert a vintage Schlage NOVO exterior push-button locking knob to a Kwikset keyway? : Locksmith

What type of Kwikset-keyway’d cylinder (if any) can I put into a 1950s Schlage NOVO push button locking knob? I don’t have a key for the lock, and I don’t know how to pick it. And, I would like to use the Kwikset key for the other doors in the house.

If it helps, it is an A series, which they say is like the current models Georgian, Plymouth, Tulip, Orbit, Levon (lever)

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