How do I make this Corbin mortise lock match my other Kwikset locks? I don’t have the key for this lock. : Locksmith

All my other doors have the newer type of handles and deadbolts, all of which are kwikset and match each other. I’m trying to make this mortise lock on our front door match the kwikset keys.

I was not given a key to this lock by the previous owner. At the moment we only use the deadbolt on the door, which is the same matching kwikset key as our other doors.


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Kwikset cost cutting choices : Locksmith

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Kwikset? More like Shitset!

Rekeyed two Kwikset knobs that a customer brought in yesterday. Not sure which store he got them from, but they were in plastic clamshell. First thing I noticed was the plastic spindle. Which pencil pusher decided that making one of the most essential parts of the lock plastic was a good idea? I mean, it’s job security for us, right? Its just fucking annoying.

I’m sure the shitty metal they used before was cheap enough. I don’t think the ones we get in the box will be like this, hopefully, but you can really tell they are doing all they can to save a buck. Just look at the corrugated cores… I’ve come across some older Kwikset knobs that had such tight tolerances, you could barely get a shim in there.

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Mul-t-lock cylinder in contemporary Kwikset Vancouver entry handleset? : Locksmith

Hi r/Locksmith,

I recently re-keyed all exterior doors in our home with Mul-t-lock deadbolts. Our main entry door has an ugly traditional bright brass lever with a separate satin nickel Mul-t-lock deadbolt. I would like to replace both with something like this from Kwikset.

Is it possible to use the Mul-t-lock cylinder with a different tailpiece in that (or similar) handleset?

Thanks in advance–


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What is this called and can I buy a replacement? Kwikset door handle set : Locksmith

My front door handle was loose and while trying to tighten I realized the inside screws were loose. I ended up taking off the entire thing and re-tightening (thanks YouTube for the diy) but have managed to strip the hex screw that tightens the handle. Can I buy a replacement of just the insert shown here? If so, what is it called and where?

Thank you!!!

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Do Kwikset SmartKey Security™ cylinders forget the key? : Locksmith

We all know how simple it is to hack/re-key these kind of locks. A locksmith in NYC claims that these kind of cylinders automatically reset internally, forcing the owner to either re-key or drill out the cylinder. Of course I’m skeptical. Kwikset wouldn’t allow it to happen. Has anyone ever had to drill out a Kwikset cylinder as a result of a shitty cylinder?

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