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Hello Everyone:

So I did a pretty big job the other day by myself. I ended up having to rekey about 20 locks. I went through the building and pulled them all out, labeling them with a Sharpie as I went. Well, when it came time to put them back in, I realized I confused a couple of the cylinders.

What is a good way to label the locks when you pull them out? I had a couple from the basement of this building labeled with B1, B2 and so on. But on top of the building were a few balconies, and those also got labeled B1, B2 and so on as well. So, I was briefly confused as to where each went, although I sorted it out in quick order. Luckily, not every door was the same so it wasn’t too confusing but I could see it becoming a problem on such a large job or even bigger job in the future.

Do you use a map and label them like that? Do you take a picture of each lock and each door to keep them in order? Do you order them 1, 2, and so on as you go through and pull them out, putting them back in the same order? I would love to hear how you all do this so I don’t end up making some mistake like this again in the future.

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