I need a bolt, or latch that locks when you close it. Combination or key is fine. : Locksmith

I want to make a double parcel mailbox that the mailman can put packages into, close the door and then it be locked until I get home.

Preferably both locks could have the same combination or key. We have multiple carriers in Japan that come at different times so that’s why I want two boxes. In Japan they generally won’t leave packages on the doorstep either.

I just don’t know what this kind of lock is called so I’m having trouble finding it. Mailboxes here are also about $300+ so I really would rather make it myself.

This is the general style I’m trying to replicate.


Thanks, I hope this is the right subreddit for this. If not, sorry.

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Cool night latch security keep : Locksmith

Here’s one I worked on a few months back. There are a few around my area, but this was the first time I had to fix one. It all works on counterweights – no springs at all. As the door closes, the latch bolt kicks the two pegs down so they sit tight behind the door. Video here: https://streamable.com/gzha54

Made by Banham (many many years ago) for those that are interested.

r/Locksmith - Cool night latch security keep

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Marks I-que still allowing entry intermittently after solenoid disengages which you can hear between the 2nd and 3rd latch retraction. : Locksmith

I have put eyes on the solenoid and it is traveling so it’s not just the obligatory efforting noise you get when they’re bound up. Any of you other actuals ran across this? Thoughts? ideas? Besides put it in the dumpster and get an alarm lock that is. I’ll be doing that next week I would just like to get the customer secure over the weekend without having to cross bore this metal door for a DB at quarter till 5 on a Friday. Thanks in advance.

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My friend is locked inside her flat, landlord isn’t answering calls. Any ideas of what to do would be really appreciated! Apparently it’s just completely stuck, she can’t move the handle bit or the latch thing (technical terms I’m sure!) : Locksmith

Common fault with these. If the snib (small button-like thing) won’t move, there’s nothing she can do except call a locksmith. They will drill from the outside, release and replace. If it’s ground floor, they should try to climb through a window and do it from inside as it will save the cylinder.

You friend should take a video that shows it’s jammed and screenshot her phone’s call log to prove that she attempted to contact the landlord.

Expect to pay a total of £150-£200 or so to have this done tonight. It should all be recoverable from the landlord but if you have trouble with that, post on r/legaladviceuk

Make sure you get a full price over the phone from the locksmith and follow the advice in the sidebar to see how to find a good one. Easy to quote this from photos so don’t put up with any nonsense from people that tell you they have to wait until they are on site.

(I’ve assumed UK, judging by the your lock)

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Storm door latch : Locksmith

Hello everyone…

So I had an irate customer come in. Apparently, she dropped off a lock for her storm door about 5 months ago and never received a call about it. After searching the shop, I found it hidden away behind some boxes near the front counter. Seems like the guy who quit a few months back got in over his head with this one and instead of asking for help, he just decided to hide the lock… Quite typical of him, I’m glad he is gone!

Does anyone recognize the brand on this one? There are no markings. The customer said the brand was on the profile cylinder. I vaguely remember D bitching about the cylinder because it was too hard for him to rekey and I think it was just a CES one, so not really specific to the latch I have here.

I want to try and put this thing back together, I’m guessing it will. But, if I can’t get it, I want to just get a replacement latch for the customer. Is there anything specific I need to know about that? Can I just measure the body of the latch and match that up to a replacement?

When D was working on this before and after he had fully disassembled the profile cylinder and couldn’t get it back together, I told him to just replace it with one from our stock. I remember him sliding the cylinder in the body and it was in place, but the bolt wouldn’t throw. Examining it now, it seems like the part of the bolt the cam interacts with is too square or perhaps the cam is too square, either way has the same result: the bolt won’t throw.

What would you do in this situation? I’m kind of irritated I am STILL cleaning up this fucker’s mistakes after almost 4 months. I want the customer to be happy and I don’t want her to feel like our shop screwed her in any way.

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At least they it wasn’t the deadbolt latch… Always amazes me how diyers do shit like this. Just call the pro beforehand. : Locksmith

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“I could’ve done that…”

If you could, why did you call me?

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My lock latch wont open and I cant push it further down to unlock it. Any help? : Locksmith

It’s fucked. Send the videos to a few reputable locksmiths and get quotes. They will be able to open up the door without causing damage and replace the lock case. No need to change the cylinder so your old keys will still work. As a guide, we’d charge £120 total to do this on normal working days. We’re in London though, so it may be a bit cheaper if you’re elsewhere.

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