Is a set of interconnected locks on a door with a keyed lever & deadbolt easier to pick? : Locksmith

Hello. I purchased a condo apt. and I haven’t even moved in yet and have had 2 break-ins. One of those break-ins was after I changed the lock cylinders. They weren’t forced entry break-ins.

About a week ago I realized that the door has an interconnected handle/lock. So if I’m in the apt. with both locks locked, and I need to leave asap, I pull down the lever and both locks unlock and stay unlocked.

From the outside, if an intruder wants to open my lock, if they bump the keyed lever, will the deadbolt automatically unlock, because they are interconnected?

This condo building was built in 2004 in Oakland, CA. I’m sure that my interconnected handle/deadbolt combo is one of the originals, from 2004. A lot of other owners have changed their handle/lock combos.

Is an interconnected handle/deadbolt required, by building code, in multi-family buildings in the state of California?

Thanks in advance for your help! 🙂

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Tailpiece for sfic in Best brand lever handles?? : Locksmith

A customer bought a building with a bunch of Best lever handles installed. The previous owner pulled all the cores when they moved out and took the tailpieces (throw members) with them. I need to put in new cores but I need to find replacement tailpieces. I’m looking online and it seems everyone has a different style for sale (like this at CLK or this one). I don’t want to show up with the wrong ones. I’m installing 6 pin cores. Any help?

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The spring isn’t pulling back the latch far enough to allow the door to open. I thought it would be easy to replace just that but the privacy pin is square because of it being a thumb lever type thing in the rosette. Need some help identifying parts to replace it. Antique door co was baffled. : Locksmith

Looks like one of those old National locks. They were designed to be replaced, not repaired, but the company went out of business a very long time ago. The National Cabinet Lock division is still around as NCL, but that won’t help with this.

I would just install a new privacy lock. The new locks are larger and will cover up the holes of the old one. I haven’t done residential work in years, but I think various brands make privacy locks with glass knobs.

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If someone left a key on the inside of a lever tumbler lock, is it realistically possible for someone arriving from the outside with a correct key to push the inside key out and unlock the door? What if the person were ‘careful’ to ensure the inside key was vertical? : Locksmith

With pin tumbler locks, no. They have two completely separate cylinders in North America, and two separate plugs in the same cylinder in Europe (typically). There are no connections between both save for the meshing of cams and such. That means that a key inserted inside does not even reach the tip of where the outside key goes.

In North America, leaving a key inside does not usually prevent someone from using a key outside. I have a double cylinder deadbolt on my house door and typically always leave a key in the inside cylinder and it does not affect the operation of the outside cylinder. If I had the inside key on a heavy ring of keys, maybe, but I doubt.

In Europe (with profile cylinders), leaving a key inside, if it is turned, will prevent the outside cylinder from operating because the cam will not be lined up correctly to permit the outside plug to work.

If you’re talking about the rather inexpensive mortise locks that use a bit key, those share the same mechanism for inside and outside, and it can be done provided the inside key is in the neutral position. If the inside key has been turned, then you must turn it back to neutral before pushing it in further to make room for the outside key. These locks don’t have the keyhole in the lever, but on the door usually below the lever (or knob).

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Keyed lever one side only : Locksmith

We have a security door in my office with keyed lever on both sides. Door is activated remotely by staff pressing a button to unlock the door. Visitors walking in just need to PUSH the door open, but because there is a lever they constantly try to turn the handle, which doesn’t do anything. They get very confused and, for some reason, angry.

I’d like to replace that keyed lever with just a deadbolt cylinder housing since staff still need to enter the premises through that door using the keyed lock. No more handle, no more problem. I’d then put up a push plate.

I’ve searched for a set like this (keyed lever one side, cylinder housing the other) and can’t find any. Is this possible to do with the existing hardware and any cylinder housing? Is there specific replacement set I can purchase and install using the existing cylinders?

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Lever Lock Type : Locksmith

I’ve been reading about the various types of lever locks in the hope of finding the name of a commercial lever lock that has the storeroom function but, on the key side (outside) that lever rotates freely (up/down) without affecting the latch. The inside lever still operates the latch normally.

Is there a name for this type of lever lock?

I hope this is the right sub–if not my next step would be to call company that makes lever locks.

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Residential tubular lever that will accept a 6-pin Schlage C Key? : Locksmith

So basically what the title reads. I have a facility who I have on a mastersystem where they are using 6-pin keys (Schlage C) and cylinders. They have a new build out with a hand full of offices (tubular levers) and they would like to have the doors masterkeyed. These are offices that will get little use, so the customer wants to use residential hardware which I agree with. Anyone know of any residential brand that either has a 6-pin cylinder, or can accept a 6-pin cylinder? Or if you have any other ideas?

Normally I would straight off tell the customer they need to go to commercial hardware, but they are a smallish non-profit so I like to try to keep their cost low and will only up-sell when I know its either my only option or they need something much better than what they want.

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