Delete if not allowed. Does anyone know what kind of lock set this is and if I can get another one? : Locksmith

Well, the dead bolt doesn’t lock immediately when we try to lock it, we have to turn the key and jiggle the handle a few times before it will finally lock, and the handle on the inside falls off when we open the door. So not sure if we need to replace the entire thing or not. What are your thoughts?

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Antique Sargent mortise lock – question about restoration : Locksmith

Hey there. I’m on a quest to make my front door more vintage appropriate and was gifted this lock. It is complete and I just didn’t take pictures before I started disassembly. Here is the short album. Do you guys have any info on the approximate age of this lock? And most importantly can you give me information on the ease of getting it functional? Can I get a replacement core that would work or get it rekeyed? I tried a minimal disassembly of the core but got quickly stumped when nothing happened after unscrewing the two back screws so I put it back together. Your input is appreciated!

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How do I make this Corbin mortise lock match my other Kwikset locks? I don’t have the key for this lock. : Locksmith

All my other doors have the newer type of handles and deadbolts, all of which are kwikset and match each other. I’m trying to make this mortise lock on our front door match the kwikset keys.

I was not given a key to this lock by the previous owner. At the moment we only use the deadbolt on the door, which is the same matching kwikset key as our other doors.


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Advice on funky bike lock situation? : Locksmith

Pictures of the set up.

I bought this used bike that has a cylinder click/swinging arm lock installed into the frame of the bike. Previous owners didn’t have a key.

I’ve been looking at finding a replacement part which hopefully won’t be awful difficult (found one on and one other Danish site).

But I’m having no luck finding instructions on how to remove the old cylinder.

At very least I want to remove the old one so my bike doesn’t accidentally get locked up.

Or is a better bet to find a lock smith and have them make/jerry rig new keys for the existing one?

Thoughts advice or help?

Thanks all!

Edit: located in Germany

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Mortise lock question : Locksmith

I bought some old french doors that were stripped of their hardware. They used to have a mortise lock so there are two holes on the face of the door for the knob and skeleton key hole.

My question is: is knob and key placement standardized on mortise locks with the same size housing? I’m wondering if I buy a new one if I’m going to potentially run into problems with alignment of my existing door holes.

I can’t seem to find anything about this measurement in any of the specs.

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