Unknown lock please help : Locksmith

Yeah, that’s an old Fichet lever lock an M2B or M3B. Theyre a popular French lock. Just type Fichet into YouTube or Lock noob 8 lever safe lock he has a great video taking a very similar model apart, different but the same mechanism. The work like a Lever lock but the levers are spaced radially and are pushed down. Edit. Even without the key you could sell it on eBay to the locksport crowd.

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Help with a gate lock.

Only sub I could think of if this isn't allowed please advise.

Anyway wife and I got a new house. Only problem is we don't know the code for the front door or how to recode it. Is there a way to recode the lock pictured below. If not do you know where we can get a similarly set up lock (keypad both sides)? Don't want one you could reach through and unlock.

The box stores and google have been dead ends.


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How to lock this door from the outside if all the locks in the house are the same. What can I install that doesn’t require drilling? : Locksmith

Way back when hotels commonly used this style of keys, I believe Yale, among others, made a keyhole blocker that had a cam not unlike the current Euro profile cylinders, and would fit in the keyhole and once the blocker’s key was turned to remove it, it effectively locked itself in the keyway. The standard key no longer would go in the keyhole. To open the door, you used the blocker’s key first to remove it completely, and then you used the standard key.

You might have luck finding one on eBay as I believe they are no longer made. I cannot guarantee that it will go into your lock, however.

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Biometric lock : Locksmith

Not sure if this is the place for it but I’m out of options. I’m trying to put a finger print lock on a hidden panel. Months ago I found a perfect lock system that I could mount the locking mechanism on the panel and the finger print scanner anywhere within 10′ of it, linked with a small cable. Now I can’t find it or anything like it. All my searches come up with front door locks or padlocks. Any help would be appreciated.

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Feel like my lock was tampered with, some yellow powder near the sides and the keyhole and some marks/dents : Locksmith

It’s certainly possible, but the lock grease we use is kind of a yellowish color like that so it could just be excess grease working its way out over time, and the marks might have always been there – once someone becomes suspicious of a piece of hardware they tend to see all sorts of little scratches and dings and such that they never noticed before.

Still, even if it was tampered with, that’s a fairly decent padlock and Yale keyways are reasonably difficult to lockpick compared to Kwikset and Master’s garbage or even the average Schlage lock, so if nothing was stolen and the key still works without any weird catch or roughness, I wouldn’t worry about it. If the key doesn’t work (or if you’re still worried), you can bring it to a locksmith’s shop and they can at the very least look down inside the keyway to see if the pins are all moving properly and there’s no debris or anything broken off inside there.

You could simply replace it with an even tougher padlock of course, but if the would-be thief returns, they might see that better padlock and think “Oh ho! So they’ve got something in there that they really don’t want stolen, huh?” and decide it’s worth the time to search for another way in.

If you’re genuinely trying to secure something, I’d recommend calling a knowledgeable locksmith out and take a look at the area as a whole (rather than just the lock by itself) so they can point out any other potential ways a thief might enter that you don’t know about. Nothing can be 100% safe from forced entry, but you can fix easy exploits and make it difficult enough not to be worth the risk.

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