Abloy Protec2 Double Deadbolt – Locking all thumbturns from outside the house : Locksmith

I asked about this here before, I asked r/homedefense, I asked SecuritySnobs and I asked Abloy support, and everyone is wrong.

My question was, can I go on vacation and lock all of the thumturns on my Abloy Protec2 deadbolts with lockable thumbturn?

The answer was always NO, as you need to unlock one of them to leave the house, so one lock with have an unlocked thumbturn

This is wrong. Just open the door, lock the thumbturn in the locked position, take your key out and put it in the outside of the door, unlock so you can close, then you can just lock it from the outside again

Now all your deadbolts have inoperable thumbturns, so if you go on vacation and someone busts a window, they still can’t use the door

I just wanted to post here, as it seems no one knew the correct answer

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Can a convert a vintage Schlage NOVO exterior push-button locking knob to a Kwikset keyway? : Locksmith

What type of Kwikset-keyway’d cylinder (if any) can I put into a 1950s Schlage NOVO push button locking knob? I don’t have a key for the lock, and I don’t know how to pick it. And, I would like to use the Kwikset key for the other doors in the house.

If it helps, it is an A series, which they say is like the current models Georgian, Plymouth, Tulip, Orbit, Levon (lever)

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Night latch not locking from outside : Locksmith

Just need some advice, I fitted a night latch to a customers door and they advised two days later this isn’t suitable as they cannot lock from the outside. Looked at my suppliers and online can’t find anything that does this. Has someone come across this before? Or found one that does lock from outside. Also can I charge for the new lock as they didn’t specify and now I’m having to buy a whole new lock? Thanks I’m advance. It’s a era high security night latch.

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Replaced Leverset grade 2 locking door handle. Key unlocks the door, but cannot lock it with key. What’s going on here : Locksmith

U.S. Lock Leverset grade 2 (endurance 2000 series) with clutch and removable thru-bolt

Not a locksmith, but helped someone replace a door handle lock that was damaged during a burglary. New lock seems to be working fine. Only thing I found weird was that the keys unlock the door, but I cannot lock it with the key. Only way to lock it is by pushing the knob on the inside.

Is this a feature of this type of lock, or is there something I can do that would allow the key to lock the door from the outside?

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Multipoint locking balcony door bottom latch issues : Locksmith

We have a multipoint locking balcony door. It was difficult to lock, but for a while it worked fine. Now trying to open it, it won’t unlock properly. As far as we can tell/see the bottom latch will go down slightly (when moving handle between up and down) but not all the way. We tried pushing it down to open but that did nothing. We thought maybe it’s something with the hinges like a lot of websites were saying but I cannot tell how to adjust these hinges. Plus getting a locksmith out during corona times is not ideal.

Any help would be great!



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Eagle Vision For Locking Devices

Anyone else get this? I've noticed as I walk through the city or take the bus, I start to see things I never would have before. Interesting key ways, padlocks everywhere on everything, keys with different depths, and more. Everywhere I go I see these things and it's almost like a second sense. I don't really know how to explain it. But every time I see a new lock I think "I wonder if this is how it's picked" or "that method would definitely work here". I find myself studying the interesting locks more and I start finding things around the city that I never would have noticed before. It's all super fascinating.

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