Help finding a type of lock/key for a desk : Locksmith

I hope this is the right place for this question, I usually post in r/woodworking

I’m building a desk and looking for a specific type of lock that I’ve seen before but I have had no luck googling the description. I’m wondering if it has a specific name.

– It’s a decorative brass lock and key for a cabinet door on a desk.

– The key is very basic, like a skeleton key (?) with a larger ring.

– When the lock is unlocked, the key remains in the door and functions as the cabinet pull knob – there is otherwise no other knob or pull on the door.

– You can only remove the key, when you lock it.

– Bonus: There is a matching lock in a drawer on the other side of the desk where the same key works but can be removed if it is locked or unlocked.

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