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Sorry if this the wrong place, I asked this on r/HomeImprovement and wanted to get some more thoughts.

When looking at packages for back patio folding doors plus swing doors for daily use, I notice that the vendors of these products (NanaWall/LaCantina/Western Window Systems/etc…) don’t appear to support to 3rd party cylindrical locks or mortise hardware that are used by smart locks for keyless entries. By smart locks, I mean popular mainstream products such as Kwikset, Yale, August, etc…

Is it possible to configure these types of doors with typical hardware to support smart locks? I was also suggested to look at Adam’s Rite hardware or other access control methods that may end up being more expensive than going with more traditional type doors.

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Looking to identify these locks and where to buy. : Locksmith

I have two pictures of two locks I have, the first is a dovetail mortise type lock, the other is a bigger Victorian mortise lock that nails into the dresser drawer. i have two of the Victorian locks and I believe 3 of the dovetail locks that are missing the center piece, a locksmith had told me with that knob missing the drawer would lock but not unlock so he would not give me the key for the working locks, and told me replacing them would damage the drawer when i very easily removed them from both pieces with zero damage. any advice is appreciated.

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Cam anyone help me find 2 more of these locks and the skeleton key? : Locksmith

Hi so I’m in the process of restoring this antique victorian dresser, i was able to easily remove this skeleton key lock, the other two are missing from the mortoises, along with 2 escutcheons, i’m figuring since i have this one lock, I can have a skeleton key fit to match by going to a local locksmith answering that question, but would they have any idea on where to buy this lock? Any info on what this type of lock is called? Anywhere online I can find this particular lock for sale. measurements of the mortoises available if nothing else.

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