Pros, Cons, Everything about residential smart locks? : Locksmith

I’ve got an end-of-year presentation for a networking class I’m taking where we select a technology and go through the impact(positive and negative) on the market/consumers.

I selected ‘Residential Smart Locks’ as my topic out of a few I could think of.

I need help from locksmiths, the guys who install and fix these pieces of hardware. Of course, I will do my own research in tandem with the replies to this post; I want my presentation to be as informative as possible.

So, I ask you all this:

What are the pros, cons, and other bits of information(anecdotes, stories of success or failure) that you all can think of in regards to residential smartlocks?

Thanks in advance for any replies. Seriously, any information will be useful.

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I asked about these mosler “safe” deposit locks the other day. : Locksmith

These have been the hardest locks for me to open. It’s a mosler 586A I managed to get this one open without destroying it, probably can’t repeat this though. I just haven’t found a consistent way to defeat these.

I don’t see this often but when I do they burn a lot of time. Hoping someone can point out the error of my ways here, I feel like I’m missing something simple.

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I need a bolt, or latch that locks when you close it. Combination or key is fine. : Locksmith

I want to make a double parcel mailbox that the mailman can put packages into, close the door and then it be locked until I get home.

Preferably both locks could have the same combination or key. We have multiple carriers in Japan that come at different times so that’s why I want two boxes. In Japan they generally won’t leave packages on the doorstep either.

I just don’t know what this kind of lock is called so I’m having trouble finding it. Mailboxes here are also about $300+ so I really would rather make it myself.

This is the general style I’m trying to replicate.

Thanks, I hope this is the right subreddit for this. If not, sorry.

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How to lock this door from the outside if all the locks in the house are the same. What can I install that doesn’t require drilling? : Locksmith

Way back when hotels commonly used this style of keys, I believe Yale, among others, made a keyhole blocker that had a cam not unlike the current Euro profile cylinders, and would fit in the keyhole and once the blocker’s key was turned to remove it, it effectively locked itself in the keyway. The standard key no longer would go in the keyhole. To open the door, you used the blocker’s key first to remove it completely, and then you used the standard key.

You might have luck finding one on eBay as I believe they are no longer made. I cannot guarantee that it will go into your lock, however.

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Is a set of interconnected locks on a door with a keyed lever & deadbolt easier to pick? : Locksmith

Hello. I purchased a condo apt. and I haven’t even moved in yet and have had 2 break-ins. One of those break-ins was after I changed the lock cylinders. They weren’t forced entry break-ins.

About a week ago I realized that the door has an interconnected handle/lock. So if I’m in the apt. with both locks locked, and I need to leave asap, I pull down the lever and both locks unlock and stay unlocked.

From the outside, if an intruder wants to open my lock, if they bump the keyed lever, will the deadbolt automatically unlock, because they are interconnected?

This condo building was built in 2004 in Oakland, CA. I’m sure that my interconnected handle/deadbolt combo is one of the originals, from 2004. A lot of other owners have changed their handle/lock combos.

Is an interconnected handle/deadbolt required, by building code, in multi-family buildings in the state of California?

Thanks in advance for your help! 🙂

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Smart Locks for Folding and Swing Doors : Locksmith

Hi r/Locksmith

Sorry if this the wrong place, I asked this on r/HomeImprovement and wanted to get some more thoughts.

When looking at packages for back patio folding doors plus swing doors for daily use, I notice that the vendors of these products (NanaWall/LaCantina/Western Window Systems/etc…) don’t appear to support to 3rd party cylindrical locks or mortise hardware that are used by smart locks for keyless entries. By smart locks, I mean popular mainstream products such as Kwikset, Yale, August, etc…

Is it possible to configure these types of doors with typical hardware to support smart locks? I was also suggested to look at Adam’s Rite hardware or other access control methods that may end up being more expensive than going with more traditional type doors.

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Looking to identify these locks and where to buy. : Locksmith

I have two pictures of two locks I have, the first is a dovetail mortise type lock, the other is a bigger Victorian mortise lock that nails into the dresser drawer. i have two of the Victorian locks and I believe 3 of the dovetail locks that are missing the center piece, a locksmith had told me with that knob missing the drawer would lock but not unlock so he would not give me the key for the working locks, and told me replacing them would damage the drawer when i very easily removed them from both pieces with zero damage. any advice is appreciated.

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