Replacing Locks for Newbie : Locksmith

Hey All,

I’m wanting to install some new Schlage locks for my home to replace older Kwikset deadbolts. The Kwikset came with the home so I’m making my mark now.

I’m running into an issue with the strike plate and door jammer – they are much smaller than what is currently on the door. Conversely, the deadbolt itself is just a tad bigger on the new Schlage. Could a locksmith help me with this or would they refer me to a handyman? Or am I SOL with Kwikset/have to buy new doors (which I’ll do eventually lol).

Any guidance is appreciated.

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Best IC Core brand question.. to my knowledge all best brand IC cores are engraved/stamped with “BEST” on the face.. Am I wrong about this or is somebody trying to pass around off brand locks? : Locksmith

I think the good brand ones have their names on them, Best, Schlage, etc.. It’s the more generic brands that don’t have any markings, like General Lock, KSP, etc.. Could be wrong, hard to say, there probably are minute differences between them that a real lock sleuth could figure out. Some people want to pay the premium for the brands, others dont. Some people try to pass the unbranded stuff off as the “real deal” though I’m sure.

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These are a couple of the locks I get to work with on the daily. Or is it an ad for the Bravo III? : Locksmith

Close. RR Brink. And a prison. But I do have a few Folger Adam locks collecting dust in my garage at home. And actually a few RR Brink locks. Some that use mogul cylinders. Like the ones sitting there in the picture. I teach preventative maintenance to the local ALOA chapters in the states around me. For some reason my gas mileage goes down when I haul them around. I did post the inside of one a couple months ago.

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Resources for vintage locks : Locksmith

Hey all— I’m a carpenter and do a lot of antique door restorations, and it’s led to developing a strong interest in locksmithing. Particularly, I’m interested in working on vintage mortise locks and stuff like that. Would you be able to point me in the direction of any resources that might be helpful in learning how to work on vintage locksets? Any specialty tools to pick up? I appreciate your time.

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digital locks : Locksmith

i was all excited until i read some reviews that when you have temperature below freezing, these locks dont work and its a hassle to open. i never had problem with conventional locks. i live in toronto and winter can get below -30 degrees celcius,

any opinions on this if there is a better grade digital lock?

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Could anyone give me a estimate for changing a couple locks? : Locksmith

Hi, I’m just looking what a reasonable quote (£££) would be for replacing a Euro cylinder lock, old cylinder is broken but still vaguely operational. Along with replacing 2 uPVC locks, key broken inside one of them, other just needs changing.

I’d usually do this work myself. However, I’m currently working away for the next couple of months. Any helps appreciated.

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