Is there a master for Illinois J series Cabinet Locks? : Locksmith

Hi Everyone,

Long story short I work in a building that has a ton of cabinets and drawers, each with one of these locks on it. Every single one has a different code (JXXX) and in the key box there are easily 100+ corresponding keys. We rarely lock them because it’s so inconvenient to deal with that many keys but occasionally someone will and it’s always a production to find the right key.

There wouldn’t happen to be a master for this series, would there? It would make things so much easier!


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How do I make this Corbin mortise lock match my other Kwikset locks? I don’t have the key for this lock. : Locksmith

All my other doors have the newer type of handles and deadbolts, all of which are kwikset and match each other. I’m trying to make this mortise lock on our front door match the kwikset keys.

I was not given a key to this lock by the previous owner. At the moment we only use the deadbolt on the door, which is the same matching kwikset key as our other doors.


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Weird lock situation dealing with scrap yards and non-ignition locks? : Locksmith

Okay y’all so I find it very hard to believe that I’m the first person to have this issue, but I need some advice. So basically the driver’s side door of a van I bought for $500 bucks has always been broken. The locking mech and the sheet metal etc have just been destroyed and I have tried to fix it but to no avail. Today I finally came across a working matching door for mad cheap at a pick-n-pull and grabbed it and swapped em. Now I can finally securely close the door and get out of the van from the driver’s side!!! (Normally I’ve just crawled out the back or the passengers side.) However, the junk yard didn’t have the original key, and the key that starts the ignition and unlocks all the other original doors is obviously different. I wouldn’t be opposed to having a seperate key to unlock the driver’s side door by itself, but is that even possible to make without the original key? With all the mix/matched doors out there I know this isn’t a unique problem but I can’t find any info anywhere out there that offers a solution. Thanks for reading I appreciate any advice y’all have. As of right now I’m just happy I can leave it on the road without the door just bungee corded shut lol :). If this isn’t the correct sub I apologise.

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Advice for Multifamily Mechanical Door Locks : Locksmith

Hi r/locksmith, I’m landlord in the Pacific Northwest and I’m looking to replace my community common access doors with a mechanical door lock. I’m learning towards a Simplex 5021 with a lever (instead of knob).

I’m thinking of securing the following areas that are currently secured with a key.

  • Laundry Room

  • Storage Room

  • Garbage Room

What do you think? Is this overkill?

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Replacing exterior deadbolt locks : Locksmith

So I need to replaced 2 exterior deadbolts. The main entrance and the garage entrance share the same key. By weiser/kwikset. Currently this model weiser deadbolt has a sale going grade 1. I would need to buy 2 of these and use the rekey technology to change them both to the same key. Model is 9GCD94710. But I saw on a YouTube video these locks can be opened in 10 seconds if any of there locks have the rekey technology. Granted that video is 6 years ago. Has this ever been fixed? If not anyone suggest any type of deadbolts? It will be for residential use.

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Old House, Old Locks : Locksmith

Hey everyone. I figured I needed to speak with the experts, and in these crazy times I can’t just walk in to my local shop, so here goes…

My house was built in 1933. We have been here for 5 years. We did not receive a key to the front door, and we barely use it as the side door is on the driveway. I believe the locks are original, and it says Schlage on the cylinder. Today, the bolt started sticking all the way in. It took quite some time to get it out to where I could even secure the door. I have attached a few pics.

My question is two fold: A. Does anyone have information on the lock or know where I could find some info? So far my searches in the Google machine are fruitless. B. Is it worth it to take it all apart, clean it and lubricate it to get it working again, or should I just plan on replacing it (which will probably require taking the door off, sanding and painting as the new setup most assuredly won’t match up)?

I appreciate your help on advance.

Door Handle

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