Finally decided on a safe that I will purchase, need advise on which lock to choose : Locksmith

Hello everyone,

I’m back one last time with a few final questions. I have decided to go with a AMSEC TL-15 CE2518. It’s not as large as I was originally wanting, but I have decided to put the larger safe purchase on hold for the time being.

There are mainly two questions that I have for you all this time:

First, which lock should I choose for the safe? I am currently debating between the ‘Key-Locking Dial Option’ or the ‘Rotobolt UL Doomsday Redundant Lock’.

Second, I have two options for purchasing this safe. The first option is from a local store and the second option is from an online store like or The local store and the online store only slightly vary in prices for the safe itself; however, my local security store want’s to charge me $300 in taxes and $300 in delivery fees (for a 5-mile drive from the store to my house). The online stores however aren’t charging sales tax in my state and have free freight delivery. It sounds pretty obvious that I should choose the online option, but perhaps you all have a different take on the matter.

Thanks in advance,

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Teaching locksmithing to kids via games : Locksmith

Im a fairly new locksmith been in the game for 4 years….but I have much more exp in game design.been making games for like 8 years designing graphics and websites for 12+

I want to make a a few locksmith style games. My first idea was to create a board game to teach kids how to rekey locks and pick locks.

My only draw back is the legal side of this it’s a great idea I have the whole game designed it’s just on the back burner because of my fear. I live in florida. It’s the wild west down here.

What about other states getting shipments of locksmith tools? Maybe just ignore them for now?

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Latch is sticking on front door….replace? : Locksmith

My front door has a Schlage deadbolt and separate front handle. The handle is the type that uses a thumb button to open the door. The latch has started sticking inside the door when the button is depressed and then released. Once it is stuck inside the door, you have to hit the button multiple times to get the latch to properly pop out so you can close the door.

Is this something I can try to fix myself or is it time to replace it with a new version? It’s about 10 years old. I can post more info if needed.

Thank you.

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Can anyone help us decode a combination for an open safe? : Locksmith

A friend of mine has an old, and empty safe that was in her late parent’s basement. It’s locked open– if that’s the right way to describe it. Her mother left a piece of paper with the combination written down, but we can’t understand it. Any thoughts? (And yes the piece of paper she wrote it on is amusing — it’s an old ad for Mastercard — letting you know not to worry if you lose your card)

r/Locksmith - Can anyone help us decode a combination for an open safe?
r/Locksmith - Can anyone help us decode a combination for an open safe?

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Vintage Schlage Hardware : Locksmith

Just wanted to know if anyone had any idea what was model number or any info about it. My uncle who passed away worked for Schlage in South San Francisco/Brisbane for like 40 years. He left this and other stuff to me since I’ve been locksmithing for about 6 years now. It’s heavy as heck and key blanks seem really cool. I’m from SoCal but moved up here last year so I’m still getting used to the history is it all here.

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Jobs ticket system? : Locksmith

Hello everyone:

How does everybody here take in-shop jobs in to their shops?

When I first started months ago, our shop just used a sticky note. Literally a little yellow sticky note with the customer’s name and phone number. All the locksmiths would have to either guess at what the job was or call the customer for more info.

I found this inadequate so I made a sort of jobs ticket. Basically it is just a small piece of paper with date, customer info, what the job is, and a quote. This way, anyone could pick up the job and know exactly what needs to be done, whether it is actually do the job or return to the customer with an exact price.

I was looking through some old files and I found what seemed like an invoice pad (carbon copy pad), but for work orders instead. It had all the same info from my tickets, but additionally it had a work completed field, a field for the technicians name/signature, as well as a field for automotive information. It seemed they were all numbered and I could tell that there was a piece that was torn off of each, similar to a dry cleaners number I guess. White, yellow, and pink pages, like a regular invoice pad, if I am remembering correctly.

Does anyone use a system like this? I feel it would mainly help with accountability, you know exactly who did what and when. It could help keep the jobs in order for FIFO processing, it would help keep prices accurate, and ensure that someone didn’t walk off with something that didn’t belong to them. Imagine a customer bringing in an OEM Schlage Grade 1 lever for a rekey. Someone else comes in for pickup on it, pays cash, and walks out with a single piece of hardware worth hundreds of dollars. Eventually that customer who brought it in calls or comes to your shop for pickup and it turns out their lock isn’t there anymore! This system really makes it feel like this sort of thing wouldn’t happen (it hasn’t happened to me, maybe I am just being paranoid about it).

But what to do with the yellow carbon copy? You don’t have to save it like an invoice. I guess you could toss it when done. I imagine the original copy would go with the job, but that doesn’t really make sense to me because if you tear it out and write something on it, it won’t be on the other copies. Maybe I am overthinking this.

Anyways, what is your guys’ process for shop jobs intake?

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Lori deadbolt rusted to hell : Locksmith

Anyone have any cool easy ways to get a Lori deadbolt off a residential door? Set screws are rusted and allen hole on the screws are full of rust. Lock has been beat to hell from previous Locksmiths. Customer has three of these all over 20 years old (according to customer) Trying to not drill them out but I may have too. I gave them all a bath in wd-40 and rescheduled to tomorrow.

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Anyone know what brand/model of lock this comes from? : Locksmith

That key is from a registered key system administered by a Master Locksmith’s Association of Australia member. There should be a phone number of the locksmith on the other side. They will be able to contact the customer who owns and help arrange return, based on the code showing in the photo.

This type of key has compatible barrels for most commercial grade locks sold in Australia. It’s most likely owned by a small business, school or multi-residential building.

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