Random question – Do most locksmiths do door work too like route out hinges, latches/deadbolts and their plates? : Locksmith

I want to replace the hardware in my house. Been through a few handyman that butchered my exterior doors and having trouble on some interiors door issues too.

Is it rare for a locksmith to be proficient in doorframe repair, having templates to route properly, having router and spades?

I’ve had a few handymen that haven’t worked out. I have all the hardware, but probably need to different latch plates for interior doors.

So do locksmiths only really work on the key part of the lock, or do they do more?

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Auto key locksmiths , what machine and programmer do you use and would you recommend it? : Locksmith

Personally use keyline gymkana 994 which has been great overall only real con is if you were to cut hu66 VAG keys you have to switch the whole clamp. For programmer I use the ATPP for nearly everything and as well as smartbox for special vehicles like new dodge ram and such.

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