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Well, it happened again: I am the only locksmith in our shop (other than the boss, who comes once a week for safe work).
Our shop guy, D, walked out on Monday while I was out doing fieldwork. Luckily, we have someone running the office now, so that’s helpful. But all of the fieldwork plus all of the shop jobs fall on me until we can get someone new in. We put out an ad that Monday and got some responses, the boss is doing interviews next week. It took me over a month before I was hired though, I really hope he doesn’t just push through anyone. The boss had said that “D was just a body” in the shop which is basically true. He was a terrible locksmith.
I don’t know why our shop has such a high turnover rate. We lost our office person back in March. About a month later, our most experienced locksmith put his 3 week notice in to quit. Then the other locksmith just quit over the weekend, one week before the other guy’s last day. We got a new office person in May, but she quit after about a month and a half. D was hired during that time. We got another guy maybe a month after D was hired, but he was fired after a few weeks because his references didn’t check out. Our current office gal was hired about 3 weeks ago, but then D quit. I just don’t get it.
I kind of feel like D was too stupid to be a locksmith. I don’t think you have to be a genius or anything to do locksmithing, I really believe that most anyone can be trained to do the sort of shop work that is typical for us (duplicates, rekey, new keys, etc.), but D was just dumb. The office gal told me he spent an entire day trying to make a key for a little cam lock. I inspected his bench and there was at least a dozen wasted keys of various types that he tried to use to get it to work. She say him struggling and suggested he ask for help but apparently he didn’t “want to look stupid” for asking for help…

r/Locksmith - The Lone Locksmith (again)

D’s bench (and the double ball pick he stole from me when he walked out, that son of a…)

r/Locksmith - The Lone Locksmith (again)

Well, well, well, what do we have here? A code, perhaps? A clue for the proper key? Hmm…

r/Locksmith - The Lone Locksmith (again)

2 keys cut, job completed in 5 minutes tops. Was that really so hard?

Oh well, I just wanted to bitch for a bit. It’s not really that big of deal, it does kind of suck, but hopefully we can get someone halfway decent in our shop. Maybe two more people eventually. Our shop is pretty small I guess, but we have three vehicles so it could be bigger and better. Someday maybe.

Does anyone have any stories of terrible locksmiths that have worked at your shop? We can’t be the only shop that has had shitty locksmiths.

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