Long shot but is there anyway I can fix this myself? No part of the key is protruding. If not possible thanks anyway👍🏼 : Locksmith

You know what needs to happen – either you can wiggle it out or you can’t. Locksmiths have purpose made tools and experience that make it easy.

So you can pay for a locksmith and get it done quickly and cleanly or you can have a go yourself and you might get it out. Worst case scenario, you make a mess of it and still have to pay a locksmith’s fee plus £5-10 for a handle if you wrecked yours.

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Long tubular key with notches on four side : Locksmith

Greetings Locksmiths,

When I was a kid we had this lock that had a long tubular brass key with notches on four sides. It was about 2 inches long and had a hole at the tip, in the middle of the cylinder. I have never seen any other one like this in over 25 years but I miss this lock as it was pleasing to use: locking and unlocking felt very smooth. Do any of you could identify it only with this poor description? If any of you can, I would love to know if this is considered a good lock because as a kid I felt like this was the most secure lock in the world.

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Help!!! (Long paragraph alert) : Locksmith

Hello everyone reading this post. First of all, I want to thank you all for taking the time to read me and thank you in advance for anything helpful that will come out from it. Just to give you guys context, I’m currently working as a “locksmith” assisting car lockouts, house lockouts, rekeys, safe lockouts, etc… and today I was offered to start the process of learning how to make car keys and/or automotive stuff. For the better part of last year, I’ve been learning new things and trying my best to know as much as I can and to be honest, I do want to have a career as a locksmith, a respectable, honest one. The problem with this offer, is that the company owner told me that in order for me to get there, I have to sign a contract for three years, and that he needs an answer by tomorrow. I have to mention that I’ve been with him only two days and now he wants me to sign. The contract reads that in case I break it or fail to follow what’s in it, I’m forced to pay him $30000. He knows I’m in a bad moment (financially) and I’m afraid he’s just trying to get advantage from me. I haven’t seen the contract, I haven’t gone trough it yet, what’s in the paragraph is as much as I know about it. I would really appreciate it anyone can help me clear things out. I’m a young guy trying to make a decent, honest living. Have a wife and a kid to sustain and I don’t want to be victim of someone’s greed. So, what do you guys think? Once again, thank you very much! If there’s anything you guys need to know before replying please just ask me.

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Contractor: “What takes so long to install a lock?”

Frame: “I’m installed crooked and my doors won’t close.”

Door: “My factory preps are completely wrong, and now you have to deal with it!”

Lock: “I’m missing half my screws. Yay!!”

Cylinder: “You really think you’re going to find where my threading starts? Think again…”

…. happy Mondays boys

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